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Netizens Salute Karnataka’s Elderly Couple for Their Service to the Community!

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An elderly couple in their 70’s from Karnataka’s Manipal town and their small eatery have gone viral on social media for inspiring positive social change. A short clip of the traditional and homely place was first posted on Instagram by vlogger Rakshith Rai.

“This place turned out to be an emotional experience for me. Homely food at a very reasonable price. More than that … You will feel the warmth of your grandparents. Ajja Ajji mane is something more than just an eatery,” an Instagram user wrote.

In this clip mentioned above, “Ajji” and “Ajja” can be seen serving homemade food on banana leaves. The varied options of dal, fries, rasam, pickle, curd, salad, and other items cost just Rupees 50. This elderly couple has been running this homely hotel, called Hotel Ganesh Prasad, since 1951.

Admire their spirit that they are keeping themselves going with their own honest efforts! A shame for us as the Indian state that they have to work so hard in their declining years.”

— Ravi Blr🇮🇳 (@Raviblr15), April 23

Vasanthi Prabhu(Ajji) said that the hotel was started by her father-in-law. Her husband assisted him in the business. After retiring as an HR employee in 2011, she decided to help her 72-year-old husband in running the hotel. Locals popularly refer to the hotel as ‘Ajja Ajji Mane’. The duo serves the food with absolute love and affection. People cannot resist their temptation and flock to Ajja Ajji Mane for a tasty, warm, and homely meal.

When netizens heard about the heartwarming meals that this elderly couple is serving at their eatery and the amount they are charging for it, they instantly saluted the couple for the hard work and diligence they put in serving the society at such an age.

“Admire their spirit that they are keeping themselves going with their own honest efforts!” a Twitter user wrote.”Great Souls. Many youngsters have to learn a lot looking at them,” another user said.

References: The Logical Indian,Times of India

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