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Nariyal Amma: Kamachi Chellammal’s Green Revolution Earns Padma Shri Recognition

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In the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a remarkable woman named Kamachi Chellammal, lovingly known as ‘Nariyal Amma,’ has been honored with the prestigious Padma Shri award for her exceptional contributions to organic coconut plantation. At 67 years old, Chellammal, hailing from Rangachang in South Andaman, has revolutionized farming practices.

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Chellammal’s organic coconut plantation stands as a testament to sustainable farming practices. She employs a unique mulching technique, covering the soil with coconut leaves and husks after the rainy season. This method not only retains moisture in the soil but also effectively reduces weed growth, fostering a healthier coconut plantation. By embracing environmentally friendly practices, Chellammal has showcased the significance of mindful cultivation.

Chellammal has adopted an Integrated Pest Management strategy. Steering clear of harmful chemicals, she utilizes ‘trap plants’ specific to each plantation. These plants attract insects, releasing pheromones that disrupt the pests’ natural mating cycle. This innovative approach has proven successful, enabling Chellammal to effectively control pest populations without resorting to harmful substances.

Kamachi Chellammal aka 'Nariyal Amma' Honoured with Padma Shri Award

Source: Krishi Jagran

Beyond coconut cultivation, Chellammal has ventured into a diversified farming approach covering 10 acres of land. Implementing multi-species cropping, she cultivates various plants like elephant foot yam, banana, groundnut, pineapple, sweet potato, green chilly, tube rose, gladiolus, marigold, and green vegetables. This integrated farming system not only addresses the challenges of fluctuating coconut market prices but also generates additional revenue, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

Chellammal’s commitment extends beyond her own farm. Over the years, she has actively encouraged fellow farmers to embrace organic farming practices. Her dedication to sustainability has become an inspiration for others, fostering a community that prioritizes environmentally friendly agriculture.

Padma Awards: పద్మశ్రీకి ఎంపికయ్యానంటే నమ్మలేక పోయా: నారియళ్‌ అమ్మ | meet kamachi  chellammal andaman nariyal amma chosen for padma shri for organic coconut  farming

Source: Eenadu

Upon being selected for the Padma Shri award, Chellammal expressed her initial disbelief, considering herself a resident of a remote village in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. However, the recognition from the government affirmed the impact of her groundbreaking work. Grateful for the honor, she sees it as an opportunity to further promote organic farming and sustainable practices.

Chellammal’s son, Ramachandran, who actively supports her farming endeavors, shares the family’s excitement about the Padma Shri recognition. Looking ahead, they plan to delve into agro-tourism, showcasing their diverse crops, spice gardens, and fish farming. Ramachandran believes that agro-tourism holds immense potential, not only attracting locals and students but also drawing tourists interested in sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices.

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