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Nandi Hills’ New Rule by Karnataka, Only Electric Buses Allowed

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Nandi Hills, a cherished weekend getaway merely 60 kilometers away from Bengaluru, is poised for a remarkable transformation. 


Source: Bengalore Mirror

The Karnataka government has devised a visionary plan to alleviate traffic woes, enhance accessibility, and elevate the overall tourist experience at this hill station. In a bid to curb congestion and promote eco-friendliness, regular cars and bikes will be replaced by electric buses for commuting to Nandi Hills. 

Here is the government’s ambitious project and its potential to redefine Nandi Hills as a captivating one-day tourist destination.

The Karnataka government’s decision to phase out regular cars and bikes in favor of electric buses marks a significant step towards reducing congestion and curbing pollution around Nandi Hills.

The tourism department is working on transforming Nandi Hills and the 9th-century Bhoga Nandishwara temple into a one-day tourist destination. It is set to embark on a transformational journey for Nandi Hills, aiming to turn it into a captivating one-day tourist destination within the next 6 to 8 months.

New Project 26

Source: News9live

One of the most exciting additions to the Nandi Hills experience is the proposed cable car. Reports suggest that the estimated cost per person for this cable car adventure will range between Rs 250 to 300, making it an affordable and unforgettable attraction for travelers. 

Safety remains a paramount concern, particularly during peak tourist seasons like New Year and other holidays. To address this, the government had already implemented a ban on bikes and cars from entering the 2 km stretch connecting the hills and the plain road. This proactive measure seeks to mitigate potential risks in an area identified as accident-prone, ensuring the well-being of both residents and visitors. 

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