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Mysterious Cat Deaths Spark Police Investigation In Bengaluru | Know More

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In a perplexing incident in Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bengaluru, a businessman, Shyamveer Sharma, has filed a complaint with the local police after several of his beloved cats inexplicably passed away. The authorities are now scrutinizing CCTV footage, which reveals a woman tampering with the cat’s food bowls outside Sharma’s residence. The situation is under investigation as the police await the results of post-mortem examinations to uncover the precise cause of the cats’ demise, raising concerns about potential foul play.

Everything I know about a good death I learned from my cat |

Source: The Verge

Full Story: 

The distressing incident unfolded on Tiruchi-Mahaswamy Road, where Shyamveer Sharma, a 47-year-old businessman residing in an apartment complex, was shocked to find seven out of his eleven cats succumbing to mysterious deaths within the span of a week. Alarmed by this sudden and unexplained occurrence, Sharma promptly filed a complaint with the Rajarajeshwari Nagar police.

Upon reviewing the CCTV footage from the apartment complex, authorities discovered a woman surreptitiously mixing an unidentified powder into the cat food placed in the passage. This disturbing act has raised suspicions about foul play in the deaths of the felines. Notably, a similar incident occurred two years prior, resulting in the demise of three cats, though no evidence was found at that time. In the current case, witnesses are present, providing a potential breakthrough in solving the mystery.

Another cat found dead in Yishun, 20th cat death in the estate since  September |

Source : The Straits Times

The cats exhibited distressing symptoms such as bleeding, vomiting, and starvation before their untimely deaths. Concerned about the possibility of a viral infection, Sharma took the deceased cats to a veterinarian for examination. Simultaneously, post-mortem examinations are being conducted, with the businessman eagerly awaiting the reports to shed light on the cause of death. In response to Sharma’s complaint, the police have registered a case under Section 428 of the IPC and initiated a thorough investigation into the matter. 


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