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Murder Cases In India Drop in 2022: NCRB Report Summarized


In 2022, a total of 28,522 murder cases were registered across India, according to the latest data from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). This figure reflects a decrease from the previous years, with 29,272 cases in 2021 and 29,193 in 2020. The NCRB report sheds light on various aspects of these cases, including motives, regional distribution, and demographic details.

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The NCRB report highlights that ‘disputes’ were the leading motive in the highest number of murder cases in 2022, accounting for 9,962 cases. Following closely were ‘personal vendetta or enmity’ with 3,761 cases, and ‘gain’ with 1,884 cases. The rate of murder per lakh population stood at 2.1 for the entire country, and the charge sheeting in such cases was reported at 81.5, as per the NCRB data.

What NCRB statistics says about Criminal Justice system in India?

Source: Livelaw

Uttar Pradesh recorded the highest number of FIRs for murder in 2022, totaling 3,491 cases. Other states with significant numbers include Bihar (2,930), Maharashtra (2,295), Madhya Pradesh (1,978), and Rajasthan (1,834). These top five states collectively accounted for 43.92% of murder cases in the country. In the Union Territories, Delhi reported 509 cases, followed by Jammu and Kashmir (99), and Puducherry (30).

Jharkhand topped the list for the highest murder rate per lakh population at 4, followed by Arunachal Pradesh (3.6), Chhattisgarh, and Haryana (both 3.4), and Assam and Odisha (both 3). Conversely, Uttar Pradesh (1.5), Bihar (2.3), Maharashtra (1.8), Madhya Pradesh (2.3), and Rajasthan (2.3) showed relatively lower crime rates per lakh population.

In terms of age, the report reveals that 95.4% of murder victims were adults. Of the total victims, 8,125 were female, and nine were identified as third-gender persons. Men constituted approximately 70% of the victims, underlining the gender distribution in these cases.

NCRB Crime in India report, 2019

Source: IAS Academy

The NCRB, in a note of caution, emphasized that the assumption of an increase in crime solely based on police data is fallacious. It clarified that the rise in crime numbers doesn’t necessarily reflect the ineffectiveness of the police. The report highlighted the distinction between the ‘rise in crime’ and the ‘increase in registration of crime by police.’ The NCRB suggested that the increase in crime numbers could result from citizen-centric police initiatives, such as the launch of e-FIR facilities or women helpdesks.


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