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From Politician To Devotee: UK PM Attends Morari Bapu’s ‘Ram Katha’ At Cambridge

Morari Bapu

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visited Cambridge University this Tuesday, immersing himself in a unique rendition of the Ramayana, guided by spiritual leader Morari Bapu. 

Morari Bapu

Source: YouTube

Starting his speech with the words ‘Jai Siya Ram,’ Sunak talked about how faith and religion have been really important in his life. He said he wants to follow the good leadership ideas from Hindu books. He wants to get inspiration from these teachings to help him be a good leader.

Morari Bapu

Source: One India

In a heartfelt declaration, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak elucidated, “My presence today transcends my position as the Prime Minister; rather, I stand here as a devoted Hindu. Faith, for me, holds a deeply personal significance, serving as a compass that steers every facet of my existence. The revered Lord Rama, in particular, serves as an unwavering source of inspiration, epitomizing the valor to confront life’s trials resolutely, the humility to govern judiciously, and the selflessness to labor tirelessly.”

Morari Bapu

Source: CDW

Who is Morari Bapu:

Morari Bapu is an important spiritual leader from India. He’s well-known for talking about Ramcharitmanas, which he has done more than 900 times in the last 60 years. Bapu’s main message is about Truth, Love, and Compassion, and he wants people to know more about the teachings of Sanatan Dharma. He comes from a family that follows a Hindu tradition called Nimbarka Sampradaya. In his talks, Morari Bapu focuses on making peace and spreading the ideas of truth, love, and compassion to everyone.

This event marks a historic occurrence as it’s the inaugural instance of a Hindu spiritual gathering taking place at Cambridge University. Hailing from Gujarat, India, Bapu has gained worldwide recognition for his expertise in the Ramayana, having conducted Ram Kathas across the globe for over five decades. His initial event of this nature in the UK unfolded in 1979, cementing his enduring influence.

Morari Bapu

Source: Wikipedia

The main focus is on the scripture, but Bapu also uses examples from different religions and welcomes people from all beliefs to join the discussions. “By the time he was twelve, Bapu had learned the whole Ram Charit Manas by heart and started telling and singing the Ram Katha when he was fourteen,” states a passage from his website.

In his previous Ram Katha, which took place in 2017 at the Wembley Arena, nearly 10,000 attendees gathered each day. Information available on Morari Bapu’s website reveals that he is scheduled to lead comparable gatherings later this year in Nepal, Gujarat, and Kerala.

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