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Meet The BJP Rebel Kripal Parmar Refuses To Bow Down Despite A Call From The PM

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 When the Prime Minister tells you to do something, one would think you’ll comply but taking everyone by surprise, ex- BJP leader Kirpal Parmar decided to stand his position in Himachal Pradesh by polls despite a call from the PM to withdraw his candidature.

The 63-year-old former Rajya Sabha MP is one of the six BJP leaders who rebelled against being denied a ticket for elections. Now, he contests as an independent candidate threatening to split BJP votes between him and the official BJP candidate in his constituency.

अपशब्दों को गहना बनाने की कला PM मोदी बखूबी जानते हैं: कृपाल परमार – News18 हिंदी

“We have known each other for 25 years. When he (PM Modi) was in charge of Himachal Pradesh and I was a vice president, we traveled and stayed together a lot. I have family ties with him. I consider him my God,” the BJP rebel told NDTV while sitting near a photo of him and the PM. 

When he was refused tickets to the by-polls, Parmar blamed Nadda and the BJP leadership for side-lining him. Nadda happens to be his former classmate from school.

“Withdraw, I have the right to tell you that,” said Modi to Parmar on 30 Oct. 

Nadda ensured PM was in dark' about ticket issue, says Himachal BJP rebel  who 'got call from Modi'

Had you called me a day earlier, when there was time to withdraw, I would have withdrawn my nomination but now withdrawing would reflect on my votes. And, without campaigning, if I just get 20-30 votes it will impact my political career,” he told the PM according to an Indian Express report 

Modi then told him that he was informed the same day and the fact that he was informed belatedly is also part of a conspiracy. 

“I am in the fight, not the official BJP candidate. It is a contest between me and the Congress candidate,” said Parmar to the PM. “Modi ji, Nadda ji has humiliated me for 15 years,” the BJP rebel added.

Himachal Pradesh has seen cutthroat competition between BJP, Congress, and the Aam Aadmi Party. What adds to this competition are around 30 rebels and now an independent candidate. 

BJP’s call to Parmar can be interpreted as a desperate attempt to conquer the by-polls and the changing dynamics of the political landscape of Himachal Pradesh. 

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