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KSRTC Declares 2023 As Passenger-Friendly Year |Initiatives And Future Plans Disclosed

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The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), has taken a significant stride forward. Following the appointment of senior leader Ramalingareddy as the department minister, the corporation, already in the limelight for various innovative projects, has proclaimed the entire year as a passenger-friendly one by launching a series of programs to enhance the overall travel experience.

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Embracing the vision of labor welfare, the corporation designated 2023 as the year of labor welfare, introducing several pro-labor initiatives that garnered appreciation from the dedicated department employees. Senior leader Ramalingareddy, now at the helm, envisioned a passenger-centric plan, leading to the formulation and successful implementation of numerous projects. The tireless efforts and loyalty of the officers and staff within the organization have played a pivotal role in this success, as acknowledged by KSRTC Managing Director V. Anbukumar, who expressed hope for the provision of comprehensive transportation facilities.

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Source: CNBC TV18

In alignment with the declaration of the Passenger-Friendly Year, the corporation has swiftly increased the compensation amount for the dependents of deceased passengers under the Accident Compensation Insurance Scheme. The amount has been elevated from Rs.3 lakhs to Rs.10 lakhs, demonstrating a commitment to passenger welfare.

Additionally, the corporation has set ambitious targets for the current year, including the addition of 2000 new vehicles to its fleet. Among these are Ambari Utsav (20), Airavata Club Class (20), Palakki (100), Point-to-Point New Design Karnataka Transport Buses (1000), and Electric Buses (500). Furthermore, the currently introduced 20″ cargo trucks are slated to increase to 500 by the year’s end, with a target of 1000 vehicles for the rehabilitation scheme.

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Source: Oneindia Kannada

Recognizing the importance of maintaining clean and well-equipped bus stands, the corporation has placed a priority on cleanliness initiatives, ensuring the provision of good drinking water, comfortable seating, and adequate toilet facilities. The commitment extends to the modernization of information technology, with the introduction of GFOOT VTMS (Vehicle Tracking) for passenger convenience.

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