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Karnataka: Woman Dies, 70 Hospitalized In Suspected Food Poisoning Incident

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In the Bengaluru Rural district of Karnataka, a woman named Siddagangamma lost her life, while 70 others required hospitalization due to suspected food poisoning. The tragedy unfolded in Hoskote, where devotees partook in prasad (sacred food offering) at a local Hanuman temple.

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The incident took place on Saturday when numerous devotees in Hoskote visited the Hanuman temple, participating in the customary consumption of prasad. The sacred offerings, comprising dishes like puliyogare, payasa, and laddoo, turned disastrous for many the following day. Symptomatic of food poisoning, individuals, including Siddagangamma, experienced severe dysentery and vomiting, necessitating immediate hospitalization.

Regrettably, Siddagangamma’s condition deteriorated rapidly, leading to her untimely demise. Meanwhile, other affected individuals are currently undergoing medical treatment, with some reportedly in critical condition, requiring intensive care. The gravity of the situation prompted Bengaluru Rural Additional Superintendent of Police ML Purushottam to visit the hospitals, assessing the overall situation and offering support.

One dead, 135 hospitalised after suspected food poisoning at Hoskote -

Source: The Hindu

Health Department officials from the state are actively involved in monitoring the case. Approximately 22 of the affected individuals have been admitted to Silicon City Hospital, with some in the intensive care unit (ICU) due to the severity of their condition. Additionally, 30 sought medical attention at the Silicon City Hospital in Hoskote, 21 received treatment at Shrinivas Nursing Home, and seven were admitted to the Hoskote Government Hospital. In total, 70 people fell ill, and the Health Department continues to monitor the situation closely.

The exact cause of the suspected food poisoning remains unconfirmed, as investigations are in the early stages. The Hoskote police have registered a case and are diligently examining the matter. Statements from the affected individuals are being recorded to progress the investigation, and the police await any additional complaints from the Health Department.

Karnataka | Karnataka: One dead, many hospitalised due to alleged food  poisoning in Bengaluru -

Source: Telegraph India

Authorities express suspicion that the prasad consumed at the temple might be the source of the alleged food poisoning. However, complexities arise as some individuals who refrained from eating the prasad also developed symptoms. The police emphasize the need for verification and are closely coordinating with the Health Department to uncover the precise cause.

As the investigation unfolds, the police have initiated legal proceedings under Section 278 (Making atmosphere noxious to health) of the Indian Penal Code against unidentified individuals. The gravity of the situation prompted health officials to file a complaint, and the police are committed to taking necessary actions based on the investigation’s findings.


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