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Karnataka Introduces Bulldozer Laws To Combat Drug Menace

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The Karnataka state government, led by Home Minister Dr. G. Parameshwar, is implementing bulldozer laws inspired by Uttar Pradesh. Driven by the goal of making Karnataka a drug-free state, the government aims to seize the properties of those involved in drug trafficking.

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The state government’s intensified campaign against drugs takes inspiration from Uttar Pradesh’s bulldozer laws, signaling a decisive crackdown on drug peddlers. Home Minister Dr. G. Parameshwar, while addressing the Drug Free Karnataka Abhiyan destruction program, outlined the government’s commitment to achieving a drug-free status for the state. The focus extends beyond punitive measures, with an emphasis on confiscating the properties of individuals engaged in drug trafficking,

Dr. Parameshwar expressed concern over the detrimental impact of drugs on the youth, labeling it a significant challenge to building a healthy society. Highlighting the destructive influence of drugs on the lives of young individuals, he stressed the importance of decisive action. The Suvarna Karnataka celebrations prompted the decision to completely eradicate drug use, with District Superintendents of Police instructed to execute the operation boldly and without hesitation.

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The Home Minister emphasized the need for practical implementation rather than mere declarations of a drug-free Karnataka. Citing warnings from the media about preventing Bangalore from becoming “Udta,” he highlighted the sale of drugs, including those mixed in chocolates, within school and college environments. In response, the government aims to strengthen the legal framework, providing law enforcement with increased powers to combat drug-related activities.

Acknowledging the complex nature of the drug menace, the government is equipping the police force with drug testing kits and specialized training to enhance their capabilities. Dr. Parameshwar revealed that the legal apparatus has been reinforced, enabling the authorities to confiscate the properties of individuals involved in drug trafficking, sale, and use. The comprehensive approach reflects the government’s determination to curb the drug menace at all levels of society.

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Source: India TV



While declaring a drug-free Karnataka is a crucial step, Dr. Parameshwar stressed the importance of vigilance at the grassroots level. The government recognizes the severity of the situation and is resolute in its pursuit of creating a society free from the clutches of drugs. The call for strict measures against drug mafias, especially those targeting educational institutions, underscores the commitment to safeguarding the well-being of the youth.


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