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Meet Kailasa’s UN Rep: Vijayapriya Nithyananda

Vijayapriya Nithyananda
Image Source: Jagaran English

Vijayapriya Nithyananda shocked everyone after a recent United Nations meeting was attended by representatives of the controversial godman Nithyananda’s so-called nation, the “United States of Kailasa (USK)”. Nithyananda shared pictures of the all-female delegation on his Twitter profile. Vijayapriya Nithyananda, one of the participants, was chosen to represent “Kailasa” at the UN.

Vijayapriya Nithyananda

Image Source: NewsClick

She sought protection for the “supreme pontiff of Hinduism” during a meeting hosted by the Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (CESCR). She claimed that Nithyananda is being harassed and possibly expelled from his native country because he is reviving the traditional Hindu customs.

However, who is Vijaypriya Nithyanda? Here is everything you need to know about her!

Who is Vijayapriya Nithyananda?

The woman identified herself at the UN meeting as the “permanent ambassador of the United States of Kailasa,” while donning a sari, a turban, and plenty of jewellery. Her Facebook page claims that she resides in Washington, DC. Social media images show Vijayapriya with a sizable Nithyananda tattoo on her right arm.

Vijayapriya Nithyananda

Image Source: News18 Tamil

According to her LinkedIn profile, Vijayapriya obtained her BSc with honours in microbiology from the University of Manitoba. In June 2014, she was listed on the university’s Dean’s Honor List. Vijayapriya knows four languages on her LinkedIn profile: English, French, Hindi, Creole, and Pidgin (French-based). On the website of “Kailasa,” it is said that Vijayapriya Nithyananda engages with organisations on behalf of the nation.

Vijayapriya Nithyananda

Vijayapriya Nithyananda at the UN
Image Source: India Today

She spoke with representatives from numerous nations on February 24 at a UN body conference and posted those encounters on her social media accounts. In other pictures, Vijayapriya can be seen signing documents with what she believes are American officials. Their website, “Kailasa,” also states that they have NGOs and embassies in 150 different nations.

How did the UN respond to her statements?

According to a UN official who spoke to the BBC, the organisation will disregard the claims made by the ambassadors of the hypothetical nation. Additionally, the official referred to their remarks as “tangential” and “irrelevant” to the topics under discussion.

Vijayapriya Nithyananda

Image Just For Representation
Image Source: India Times

The rest of the world and India were in disbelief when “Kailasa” representatives attended the UN summit. The Indian government has not yet made an official statement regarding the situation.

Where is the location of Kailasa?

With numerous cases against him, including rape and sexual abuse, Nithyananda departed India years ago. He has refuted every charge. According to the BBC, he established “Kailasa” in 2019 on an island off the coast of Ecuador after fleeing India. The nation is named after a Himalayan peak that is thought to be Lord Shiva’s fabled home.

Vijayapriya Nithyananda

Self-Styled Godman Nithyananda
Image Source: India Today

Nithyananda’s presence in Ecuador had been disputed at the time. Because the self-styled godman has not appeared publicly since 2019, his sermons are posted on social media.

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