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Italian Metal Band ‘Fleshgod Apocalypse’ To Play In The Bengaluru Music Festival

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The Bengaluru city is going to see a lot of heavy metal bands performing for the second edition of the  “Uprising” metal festival, organized by the Indian Artist Collective, on October 13th. Metal bands from all over the country are going to play at the music festival along with an Italian symphonic metal band the ‘Fleshgod Apocalypse.’



The Indian Artist Collective was started by Hitesh Mittal, the director of an auditing firm, and Chintan Chinappa, a high court lawyer, they are also guitarists and are members of the Inner Sanctum Band.  “There is a lot of potential for us to invite international artists and curate events around them and have a lot of shows. Because suddenly India fell off the map for a lot of these international artists – even in Asia tours, India is not being considered and we want to make sure that we can bring India back to that level we had before,” stated Chintan. 


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Moral Collapse, a Bengaluru-based extreme metal act, and Septic Isle, an up-and-coming tech death band from Hyderabad, are two Indian metal bands that are going to be playing in the 2023 Uprising festival. The event commences on at Friday 7 pm in Bengaluru’s White Lotus Club. It isn’t the first time the Italian band has performed in India, as they previously performed in Mumbai back in 2015. Francesco Paoli, leader of the band, told PTI via email, “We played in Mumbai back in 2015. So, it has been a while. But we heard good things about Bengaluru. We loved the warmth and hospitality of the people here. And the culture is very appealing. Indian food is something we are looking forward to.” he further noted that India has always been known for its interest in metal music and its increased fan base over the years.


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The Music festival organizers believe that Bengaluru has become a hub for metal music over the years and Chintan stated that “Bengaluru has always been the rock capital of India. And I think from the early 2000s itself, the metal scene in Bengaluru has boomed out. And today it stands at its absolute peak. We’re seeing a greater number of shows happening than ever before. We have a lot of more organizers and promoters coming into the scene trying to bring in many more international acts.” While the festival was also held in Mumbai last year, it got an ‘underwhelming response’ from the audience. So the organizers said they have decided to hold the festival only in Bengaluru this time round. “The band was also not available for the Mumbai dates, so that is one of the challenges that we had,” said Hitesh Mittal, co-founder of Bengaluru-based India Artists Collective, which has been organizing the festival for the last two years.

According to the founders of the Indian Artist Collective, the development of Bengaluru into a metal destination can be traced back to Sunday jams held in the early 2000s. “Sunday jams brought in live bands. So, this kind of just opened up the whole scene, and youngsters like us back then would look forward to going to these jams to watch bands play. And that’s also where we picked up instruments and formed bands,” said Chinnappa.



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