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‘Hosa Dinachari’ Beautifully Revives Feel-Good Factor Of Kannada Cinema | Keerthi Shekhar | Vyshak Pushpalata

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When the feel-good genre was on the sink in Kannada cinema, Hosa Dinachari and its makers seem to have revived with their unique storytelling. Debut directors Vyshak Pusphalata and Keerthi Shekhar have a sense of newness to this cinema. Here is the full review.

Hosa Dinachari as seen…

The film Hosa Dinachari revolves around 4 different stories of different individuals set during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Rajesh (Chetan Vicky) and Apeksha (Mandara) who form one of the primary duos go on to narrate the stories of different duos. We could all relate to most of the stories as we have all experinced the COVID-19 pandemic and of course the aspects of relationship, love and life are common to all of us.

Hosa Dinachari (2022) | Hosa Dinachari Kannada Movie | Movie Reviews, Showtimes | nowrunning

It wont be wrong to say that the film is also a tribute to COVID warriors as it shows a doctor by name Dr Bharath (Deepak Subramanya) who juggles between his life and work. The mark on his nose due to constant wearing of mask is a sign of struggle he puts in. We could reveal more but that would be spoilers. It must not be mistaken as an anthology as the characters or the stories in the film cross paths often and suprises the audience.

All of the actors deliver a commendable performance, particular mention would be Chetan Vicky, Babu Hirannaiah and Aruna Balraj. The direction coupled with cinematography takes you on a journey, be it Malpe beach or any other modern setting of Bengaluru. Songs also stand out, the background gives it the feel, Vasuki Vaibhav again delivers what we expect from him.

Ninade Nenapu | Hosa Dinachari | Vasuki Vaibhav | Vyshak Varma | Keerthi | Vyshak | Dees Films - YouTube

The film though has moments, could have been relevled with furthermore to enhance the feel good factor. Some moments might be unrelatebale to many people, the director duo of Keerthi and Vyshak take reigns of their stroytelling aptly. The film has been released on big screen but an OTT release could have been more profitable for the makers. Nevertheless, it is a one time watch and for those who are ‘feel-good’ fans can watch it again and again.

Here’s an exclusive interview with the makers and the journey-

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