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Fact Check: Has Scientist Khushboo Mirza Been Promoted As A Director At ISRO ?

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A social media post featuring a photograph of scientist Khushboo Mirza, an alumna of Aligarh Muslim University, is gaining significant traction as it claims that she has been promoted to the position of director at the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

The post additionally asserts many other things. How true is it? Let’s check.

Fact Check: Truth behind promotion of Muslim woman scientist in ISRO -  India Today

Source: India Today



The news spreading on social media states that Khushboo Mirza, a 35-year-old scientist and an alumna of Aligarh Muslim University, has achieved a remarkable promotion as a Director at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The claim goes on to highlight the significance of this achievement by mentioning that Mirza is only the second Muslim scientist after the esteemed Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to hold such a prestigious rank at ISRO.

The message was initially shared on Facebook by Jagdeesh Chawla, and it has gained considerable attention, being shared by over 1,200 individuals on the platform at the time of writing this story. The claim has captured the interest and engagement of numerous users, sparked discussions and generating curiosity about Khushboo Mirza’s career advancement and her notable distinction within ISRO.


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Source: The Quint

Fact – Check

Despite Khushboo Mirza’s involvement in ISRO’s Chandrayaan missions 1 and 2, the viral claim suggesting her promotion to the position of director at ISRO is untrue. In fact, Mirza herself has explicitly denied the claim, firmly stating that she has not been promoted to the director rank within ISRO. Therefore, it is clear that the information shared in the post is misleading and inaccurate.

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Source: The Quint

A Google search using appropriate keywords has resulted in multiple Hindi regional news articles that discuss Khushboo Mirza’s involvement in ISRO’s prestigious Chandrayaan-2 mission. These articles reveal that Khushboo Mirza, a graduate of Aligarh Muslim University, originates from the Amroha district in Uttar Pradesh. Furthermore, the reports highlight her previous contribution as a member of the checkout team for Chandrayaan-1. These findings provide valuable insights into Khushboo Mirza’s background and her significant role within ISRO’s space exploration endeavors.

No, Khushboo Mirza has not been promoted as a Director at ISRO - FACTLY

Source: FACTLY

During her correspondence with Quint regarding the viral claim, Khushboo Mirza explicitly denied the assertion that she has been promoted to the rank of director at ISRO. She also mentioned that similar claims have been made in the past. To clarify, it can be affirmed that Khushboo Mirza has not received a promotion as a director within ISRO. Her statements provide clear clarification on the matter, debunking the misleading claim circulating on social media.

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