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Fact Check: At a Punjab School, Breaking Bad Actor Bryan Cranston Mistaken For Scientist Werner Heisenberg


Recently, a school in Punjab made a grave mistake- the wrong photo of renowned scientist Werner Heisenberg, who is one of the main pioneers of the theory of quantum mechanics.

The wrong photo used by the school wasn’t of some other scientist, instead, they framed and showcased the picture of the lead actor Bryan Cranston of the hit crime series Breaking Bad. Mr. Cranston had become famous for playing the role in the film- an honest Chemistry teacher who turns into a dangerous drug lord under the alias ‘Heisenberg’.

The confusion arose because the scientist who proposed the principle of uncertainty had the same surname. A video went viral on Twitter showing the actor’s photo in a series of portraits showing a hallway of scientists. This led both the scientific community and netizens baffled.

In addition to this, a Twitter user further highlighted a similar goof-up that was made back in 2019 in the Anantapur district of Punjab. She retweeted an old post that read, “The protagonist of Breaking Bad mistaken for the scientist who discovered the uncertainty principle.”

The post went viral and netizens immediately recognized the root cause of the mistake. Seemingly, when one looks for an image of the scientist Werner Heisenberg, the second and third image that appears on the search page is of actor Bryan Cranston’s character from the crime drama.

Funnily, one user said- “If you look closely, the name mentioned is Werner Karl Heisenberg. In breaking bad, Walter white’s con name was Heisenberg… The school teacher ( who may not be wasting time on Netflix) decided to paste coloured pic available.”

The viral video has garnered over 1.3 million views and over 3 thousand likes on Twitter- it seems like the school has taken Cranston’s role as the Chemistry teacher too seriously.

References: News 18, India Today

Featured Image Source: Firstpost

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