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End of An Era: New Krishna Bhavan Bids Adieu To Malleswaram

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Located in the vibrant center of Malleswaram, New Krishna Bhavan, a long-standing culinary gem, has stirred profound emotions among its devoted patrons. On Tuesday, news about the imminent closure of this iconic eatery after December 6 rapidly circulated across social media. This beloved establishment, deeply ingrained in the history of Malleswaram, is slated to give room to a commercial structure, signaling the conclusion of a cherished era in this neighborhood.

New Krishna Bhavan to shut down on December 6 after dishing out signature  items for nearly 70 years -

Source: The Hindu

The heartbreak among Bangaloreans is palpable as the curtains draw to a close on New Krishna Bhavan. For decades, this eatery has been more than just a restaurant; it’s been an integral part of the community’s fabric. The establishment, which has weathered the test of time, attracted hordes of patrons on that fateful Tuesday, a testament to the deep-rooted connection it held with its customers.

Behind the decision to shut down lies a tale of generational transition. General Manager Ram Prakash shared insights with our team, revealing that the second generation, responsible for steering the ship, found themselves unable to carry on the legacy. “The 2nd generation who were managing the hotel were unable to manage it further and hence had decided to sell the property,” noted Prakash. Despite the business maintaining its robust appeal, the family concluded that it was time to bid farewell to the property that had become synonymous with their culinary identity.

Bangalore's New Krishna Bhavan Eatery is Closing Next Week | Bengaluru  News,

Source: Times Now

New Krishna Bhavan’s closure is not just a loss for its owners but a poignant moment for the people of Bangalore. It wasn’t merely a place to savor delectable dishes; it was a cherished part of the neighborhood’s history. Generations have celebrated milestones within its walls, forging memories that linger as a testament to the establishment’s enduring impact. As the iconic eatery makes way for a new chapter, the city mourns the loss of a cultural touchstone.

The property’s sale to a renowned jewelry chain signals a shift in the landscape of Malleswaram. The soon-to-be commercial edifice promises a different facet to this locale, a transformation that reflects the evolving nature of urban spaces. While change is inevitable, the void left by New Krishna Bhavan’s closure is sure to be felt by those who frequented its familiar ambiance and relished its culinary delights.


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