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Elderly Journalist Trapped In FedEx Fraud For 8 Days | Explained In Details

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A 70-year-old senior journalist found herself stuck in a digital captivity setup by cyber fraudsters posing as Mumbai police and CBI officers. The perpetrators, claiming to be from FedEx, threatened the journalist, referred to as Kamini for anonymity, into confinement at her home for eight days. 

Full Story:

Kamini’s ordeal began when she received a WhatsApp call on December 15 from an individual posing as an Andheri police inspector. The caller, adept in English and armed with personal details such as Kamini’s mobile and Aadhaar numbers, fabricated a tale about a FedEx parcel registered in her name containing illicit items. The fraudsters went to great lengths, seamlessly mimicking police procedures, even orchestrating background noises to lend authenticity to their claims. They threatened her with arrest, insisting that her bank accounts were involved in a hawala racket, urging her to stay at home for their supposed verification.

The scammers executed their plan, transferring the call to a deputy commissioner of police during which Kamini could hear simulated events like door knocks, official interactions, and page turning. The fraudulent officers alleged that Kamini’s Aadhaar was misused in multiple states for illicit transactions, escalating the fear of potential arrest. Another imposter, posing as a CBI officer with 30 years of service, further manipulated Kamini, asking her to prove her innocence while emphasizing the gravity of the charges.

FedEx Courier Fraud Strikes Bengaluru: Residents Warned of Impersonation  Scam Tactics -

Source: The420CyberNews

Throughout the eight days, Kamini was watched by continuous calls and strict isolation. The scammers, shifting between roles, imposed a sense of urgency, cautioning her against contacting anyone, emphasizing that her life could be in peril if she sought help. The victim complied, fearing for her safety, and even stepped out of her house once under their guidance to transfer a substantial amount to the fraudsters via RTGS.

It was only on the eighth day that Kamini began to suspect foul play and informed the scammers of her intention to approach the police. In response, they brazenly claimed to be from Jamtara, suggesting impunity due to a film made about their exploits. This revelation prompted Kamini to break free from their control and take matters into her own hands.


Source: DH

The case is now under investigation by the Special Investigation Team (SIT), led by Kuldeep Kumar R Jain, responsible for probing FedEx scams. While Kamini feared her phone was bugged and she was under constant surveillance, the SIT chief suggests that it might be a result of her own fear rather than an actual bugging. 

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