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4 UX pointers that can optimize conversions for Your eCommerce site

Every eCommerce needs to track its site’s conversion rate for far-reaching results. When we have set sail on making it big in the e-commerce industry then you should know that conversions are one of the most key metrics to track. There is a growing need to keep a tab on the conversion rates of visitors into buyers and have an influx of repeat customers and for that, the User experience (UX) should be seamless.

With precise UX optimization, you can fathom your customers’ problems and needs, and, make their experience extraordinary. An engaging homepage creates a notable impression on your customers. They are likely to stay, browse and make a purchase as well. Let us look at 4 significant pre-requisites for giving an impactful UX for your customers.

  1. Straightforward and uncomplicated On-site search

Your customers are looking for an e-com site that is smooth sailing and they find what they are looking for. Remember that the goal is for your business to maximize sales and increase engagement by having a user-friendly on-site search bar.

  1. Amp up product listing & filtering Performance

A little bit of fine-tuning and revamping of your product listing and filtering might do the trick. It is rather frustrating for customers when they see something they want on your eCommerce store, but they don’t know if it is the right fit or colour. This leads them to leave your site and look elsewhere. A well-performing e-com site provides for an effective product search with appropriate listings and filters

  1. Allow Product Comparison

When your eCommerce site provides your customers with the option of comparing products, features and prices then you are putting them on the centre stage and letting them take ownership of deciding what is best for them. The key element here is also to know your customers’ deciding criteria which in turn will help you to achieve a successful conversion rate optimization.

  1. Optimize Your Product Page Layout and use clear CTAs

Declutter your product pages to increase conversions and sales. A clear and satisfactory product page layout sets a benchmark that you are in this industry to flourish and give optimum customer satisfaction.

The product page layout could be anything from product information, and options, to product comparison, FAQ section, answers from the community, ratings, and reviews that convince customers to buy based on social proof.

Always use clear and striking CTAs like ‘shop now’ or ‘add to cart and also use CTAs on your pop-ups as it drives more conversion.

A good UX experience determines how the conversion rate is and whether the customers are satisfied with your business or not.

Hold on to your repeat customers and bring as much traffic as possible to your eCommerce site by giving high-quality content and product offerings. In the end it is all about seamless navigation, clear communication, and an intuitive shopping experience.


Digital marketing – create a brand visibility 

Whether you are a start-up or a big organization it is a blatant fact that it is essential to increase the customer database to have an impactful ROI and most importantly to create your brand visibility. Marketing is being done by business owners small or big from time immemorial but the ways of marketing have evolved. It is time that business houses understand the emphasis digital marketing can have on taking their business to every nook and corner of the world.

Digital marketing is causing seismic shifts and allowing organizations to move towards incredible digital experiences and focus on consumer insights. Today’s Digital Marketing is not only about monitoring people rather but also about choosing the right chunk of audience which suits the product and services you provide.

We also need to consider the is also pace of change. Factors like technology, automation, and consumer expectations are quickly picking up pace. Everybody is advertising so what makes your brand stand out? The answer is simple – The nuances that you bring to your brand through digital marketing are determined by creativity and experience. It is also about precision and persuasion. Although both are extremes, we need to apply these terms effectively to get the desired results.

Here are two elementary ways of getting digital marketing right

Draw more views on social media

It is evident that if you want people to recognize your brand, then they need to notice it. The more niche and compartmentalized your marketing campaigns are, the more attention your products and services are likely to draw. Your brand needs to interact and relate to the needs of the consumers. The apt way to go about it is the social media giveaways strategy.

Conceive a brand-new experience altogether

The toughest part of brand awareness and product positioning is differentiation. The techniques that you are going to adopt to promote your brand needs to catch the eye of the crowd. One ideal way of doing it is to align your keyword strategy or choose keywords that are relevant to your brand. This will give you the edge to assert better management over the conceptualization of your brand.

What’s next?

Digital Marketing is indeed moving at a fast phase and it has already made a lasting impact on the world of marketing. Watch out for this space to know more about what are the leading and substantial trends in digital marketing. What we have understood is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a disruption happening and we need to unfold every aspect of it to become a trendsetter through digital marketing.


How Innovative Mobile Apps are here to solve problems?

The world is fundamentally running on innovation. Each day is the dawn of some new, forward-thinking, and savvy innovations. The same applies to apps as well. App developers and programmers are in a constant pursuit to develop apps that are not only solving problems but also identifying and anticipating problems that can be easily solved through an app.

We are perpetually relying on smartphones and other mobile devices to get things done instantly. It is apparent that problem-solving and resolving everyday crunches is a crucial part of the app developer’s job. When you are operating an app hassle-free then you know that the app makers are top-notch in their work.

Customised Apps are a solution for every problem

Customised or tailor-made apps cater to people in more than one way. Custom apps address the problems and get them solved instantly. It is true that consumers want things to happen at their fingertips and like their apps to speed things up. Each app is different from the other and caters to different problems. Whether the problems are massive or mundane, there is an app out there to ease your life. Whether you are ordering things, booking cabs, flight tickets simply staying in touch with your family and friends, these apps allow you to go about your life effortlessly.

Competent Apps are ideal for problem-solving

It doesn’t just stop at booking cabs or ordering stuff online via apps, there is more than meets the eye with state-of-the-art apps. The apps on our mobile devices and smartphones are installed for highly specific purposes wherever we may be. Right from finding a solution for rota management at work, looking for the nearest commute, doing research on something prior to an interview to locating the nearest branch of your favourite coffee shop is, Apps provide easy, accessible, and accelerated solutions.

Essentially, there are two ways of looking at how impeccable the app should be – 

  1. Improvise upon an already existing solution

What is trending today may not be in existence tomorrow. Tomorrow perhaps app developers need to evolve and improvise. Solutions need a facelift time and again and these solutions need to be faster, more efficient, and overall, more effective. A deep understanding needs to be developed to look at the magnitude of the problem and come up with solutions that are considerably better for your clients.

  1. Become a game-changer

App developers need to take varied approaches toward making their apps unparalleled and unrivaled. It is adequate to address the problem from a wholly new angle rather than revamp a solution that already exists. This approach will help your app divert more attention towards your app and users understand that you have come up with a whole new perspective to address the issue. Users have a keen eye to recognize the insight and creativity that went behind this idea. Users will definitely jump at the chance to at using your app which will add dexterity to their lives.


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