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Dogs, Dog Bites, And Human Chaos In Kerala

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Dogs have been a topic of news for a while especially in Kerala. News regarding how dogs are” Violent”, Aggressive”,” mad?”, or “rabies infected”. But what do people who blame such on dogs know about dogs and their behavior? If a dog bit ‘n’ number of people or the dog attacked people while walking on the streets or while driving/riding that becomes national news of threat. They all gather together to eradicate dogs, throw acid or hot tar brutally kill them or poison them and they are the same people who attack the “animal lovers/activists or the ones who feed them”, they are blamed, and they are threatened and even abused in a few cases. There were cases on humans raping dogs and other animals as well .But that doesn’t come to be national news. Why so? Why is there so much hatred for dogs when society functions well because of their presence.

Dogs are territorial animals, they do anything and everything to safeguard the area and the people, they do not accept any other dogs in their territory, and yet again hypocrisy begins when the other people who have their own “breed” dogs go for a walk, the indies are beaten up or thrown stones upon for them showing territorial aggression against this breed dog, who has entered their territory. Rather the pet owner can befriend them by feeding and have cooperation amongst them.

People who have the misconception and who believe the fake news which spreads like a wildfire, starts hating and are afraid of dogs, and they end up considering all the dogs to be the same- “aggressive or the idea that all the dogs bite”. The fact that the dogs run behind a car, or a bike is because of their past trauma (vehicular trauma) that they suffered. They run behind a particular car or bike because probably they or their kids or siblings were hit/ killed by that type of vehicle. Dogs have feelings and they do get hurt just like any other animals and humans.  Humans must learn to co-exist along with animals because, so it is our house it is also their house. We have seen a lot of videos circulating on social media platforms where people were seen cutting down several trees which are hundred-plus years old to build bridges, and in that, they ended up killing a lot of baby birds, eggs waiting to hatch, and more. Where is development in only building bridges and not in protecting the environment and the species in them because of which we all humans are alive? 


If the dogs were biting ones, they would have now bit all their abusers and killed them, they don’t because it’s not true. Dogs are the most loyal and caring animals in the world, people spread all such hatred news about dogs, and they fail to see that dogs also do a lot of good things for society, they warn people of intruders, they alert people on sensing something strange, they have saved people’s lives and more. These facts do not go out and spread like a wildfire but so does the hatred news. Fake news such as “If Stray bites or attacks people, the people who feed them will be held liable, and they should be made responsible for the vaccination and also beat the cost if they attack people” are spread and also implemented and taken into consideration. 

Kerala has been facing a lot of issues regarding “Dog bites and death”, one wonders why, why only such type of news regarding dogs comes from Kerala and not any other state! There are a few main reasons behind all this happening in Kerala, firstly the garbage management is not great, the garbage thrown is not managed well and efficiently, and they have not segregated wastes and are just dumped. Secondly carcass management, Kerala is one of the states where meat consumption is high comparatively, henceforth the crass, and other wastes of meat are also just dumped. the two main reasons for the dogs, cows, etc to consume this waste, and especially for dogs eating and depending upon this waste makes them crave for more meat and makes them aggressive a bit. Thirdly the government or the animal welfare board has to take strict action on ABC (Animal Birth Control) and get the dogs vaccinated. All these points are far enough to make the situation calm down so that everyone can be at peace living in harmony. And it comes under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960, that the dogs should not be relocated. 

The existing animal law stipulates a penalty of Rs.10, Rs.50 for any cruelty which includes beating, kicking, torturing and so on. But the government has prepared a draft to amend the Prevention to Cruelty to Animal’s act which proposed penalty up to Rs.75,000/- or three times the cost of the animals, with jail term to five years or both if one and an organization leads to the death of an animal.

Even in other states like Karnataka, Chennai, Mumbai, and other places, there are ‘n’ number of dogs also the places being vast, yet we hear no such news from those cities regarding dog bites because they manage all the following things and manage the waste and also take care of the animal welfare by sterilizing them and also vaccinating them.

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