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Did You Know These Facts About Nokia?

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Nokia announced a new logo for the first time in 60 years. In an event, which took place on Sunday, the business technology company announced the rebranding activity to meet the trends of the changing world. 


The company’s new logo consists of five different shapes which form the word NOKIA. The old blue coloured iconic logo has been dropped by the company for good. 


Once a market leader, Nokia slipped behind several other mobile phone companies in the last few years. The company, with its renewed aggressive approach, is trying to make it back to the top. 


Let us have a look at a few interesting facts about NOKIA – 


  • NOKIA – A Paper Mill!!
Nokia 3310 Unlocked GSM Retro Stylish Cell Phone

Credits – Amazon

We might know of Nokia as a mobile phone company, but it wasn’t always one. The company was formed in 1865. Based out of Finland, the company originally produced paper pulp. The company made a name for itself in the market when it was transformed into a share company in 1871. 


  • Superstition or safe bet?

Have you ever noticed that none of the Nokia models start from number 4? In several parts of the world, there is a common belief reading number 4. It is believed that the number resembles the sound of absolute death. 


  • The Most Iconic Model

Nokia 8810 (najlepši telefon, ki sem ga imel najdlje časa) | Nokia, Nokia  phone, Phone

The legendary Nokia 8810 was the first phone without an external antenna. Back in 1998, it was considered to be the most luxurious phone in the market. Besides the usual features, the phone also had chrome plating. 


  • The OG Game 
Experts reveal how Nokia's iconic game 'Snake' became such a phenomenon as  it turns 25 | Daily Mail Online

Credits – Daily mail

Much before the mobile game fever took over an entire generation in the recent past, there was the snake game era. The game hooked the entire phone using the audience. The fact that it was free, easy to play, and had a great recall value, helped the cause. 


  • The Unbreakable

Phone technology has progressed tremendously from what it was during the Nokia era. However, it is the strength of the Nokia phone which has not been replicated ever since. Nokia 3310 was commonly known as the ‘Unbreakable phone’ of history. 


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