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Cultural Kaleidoscope: Kambala Spectacle Unfolds At Bengaluru’s Palace Grounds

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In the heart of Bengaluru, Kambala unfolded as more than just a buffalo race; it was a celebration of Karnataka’s rich cultural heritage. Kambala, a much-awaited event, unfolded under the meticulous organization of the Bengaluru Kambala Samithi and Zilla Kambala Samithi. Spearheaded by Ashok Kumar Rai, an MLA from Puttur and the president of the Bengaluru Kambala committee, the event showcased not only the thrilling buffalo race but also the authentic flavors of Udupi and Mangaluru’s cuisine, traditional handicrafts, and vibrant cultural performances.


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Here is a closer look at the event 

Nearly 160 pairs of buffaloes took center stage, creating a breathtaking spectacle as they raced across the grounds. The thundering hooves and determined riders added an exhilarating energy to the event. Kambala, deeply rooted in Karnataka’s agricultural traditions, became a platform for showcasing the symbiotic relationship between humans and animals, celebrating the spirit of rural life.

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Beyond the race, the event served as a vibrant canvas depicting Karnataka’s diverse cultural hues. The authenticity of Udupi and Mangaluru’s culinary delights took the spotlight, offering attendees a gastronomic journey. From traditional snacks like Girmit and Ragda Patties to the irresistible Dharwad Benne Dosa, the food stalls provided a plethora of options, catering to diverse palates. Non-vegetarians savored treats like Mangalore rawa fish fry, ensuring a feast for every taste bud.

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Adding to the cultural immersion, the event featured the captivating Hulivesha, a traditional dance from Mangaluru, and engaging Tulu skits. The air resonated with the beats of traditional music, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration. Attendees were treated to a visual feast of vibrant traditional wears, further emphasizing the diversity and richness of Karnataka’s cultural heritage.

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For those seeking an enhanced viewing experience, VIP passes were available, providing prime seating to witness the thrilling buffalo race up close. To make the most of the event, attendees were advised to carry cash, considering the poor network for UPI and scanners on the grounds. The absence of entry fees opened the doors for all to partake in this cultural extravaganza, making it an inclusive celebration for everyone.

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Notably, the event saw a unique collaboration between political rivals as Congress and BJP joined hands to host the show. This shared effort underscored the importance of transcending political boundaries for the promotion and preservation of cultural heritage. It reflected a unified commitment to celebrating Karnataka’s diverse traditions, setting a positive example for fostering cultural harmony.

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