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China Grapples With Shortages As Covid Cases In The Country Rise Exponentially; Could See Millions Of Death

Image Source: Times Now

China is seeing an increase in coronavirus incidence just a few weeks after the Xi-Jinping regime relaxed the rigorous Zero Covid Policy. After the government’s tight Covud limitations enforced repeated lockdowns and other curbs, Chinese civilians turned to the streets in a rare large protest reminiscent of the Tiananmen Square demonstration.


Anti-Lockdown Protests In China
Image Source: BBC

An epidemiologist and health economist, Eric Feigl-Ding, has warned that more than 60% of China and 10% of the world’s population are likely to be infected in the next 90 days, with millions of deaths.

The Rapid Rise

Residents in China flock to get ibuprofen from pharmaceutical facilities since it is sold out everywhere else. According to Bloomberg, lemon farmers have reported a significant increase in sales as consumers rush to buy lemons as a home remedy for Covid cure. This is because many of China’s 1.4 billion people are still vulnerable to the virus due to limited exposure, low vaccination rates, and inadequate investment in emergency care.


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Image Source: Mint

“The market is on fire,” one farmer named Wen told Bloomberg. Wen cultivates lemons on approximately 130 acres (53 hectares) in Anyue, a county in the southwestern region of Sichuan that produces approximately 70% of China’s fruit. He claims his sales have increased from 5 to 6 tonnes per day to 20 to 30 tonnes per day in the last week.

Peaches, Water And Covid

People have turned to self-medication in response to the outbreak of sickness, increasing antiviral medications, vitamin C-rich canned peaches, and electrolyte water. Because of the unexpected increase, these items are now out of stock at most stores. What’s the deal with canned peaches and electrolyte water?

Recipes for COVID-19 home remedies abound on Chinese social media platforms. Canned peaches are a common item in these natural remedies for the virus, followed by electrolyte water. Boiling oranges with salt are one cure for a sore throat. Yellow peaches in cans, a traditional delicacy, are considered exceptionally nutritious in some regions of China.


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Image Source: The Star

According to CNN, Dalian Leasun Food, one of China’s largest canned food makers, was surprised by the unexpected demand for canned peaches and had to clarify in a Weibo post that canned yellow peaches have no therapeutic benefits. The firm claimed in a Facebook post on Friday, “Canned yellow peaches ≠ medicines! There is enough supply, so there is no need to panic. There is no rush to buy.”

Furthermore, electrolyte water is in short supply, with some brands running out. On meal delivery platforms, sales of Alienergy Electrolyte Drinks have surged by 2000%.


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Image Source: A’ Design Award

The Chinese official media has warned citizens against following viral videos and its recommendations to treat the ailment with spurious home cures. The city government of Beijing also warned people that it was under enormous strain to accommodate the demand for pharmaceuticals and medical services due to panic shopping. It further advised individuals not to contact emergency services if they were not feeling symptoms.

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