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Brave local saves a saltwater crocodile

Al Arabiya
Image Source: Al Arabiya

A saltwater crocodile in Palu, Indonesia, has been swimming with a rubber tyre around its neck for nearly six years! This crocodile was finally freed from the tyre due to a kind villager who took pity on it and led a daring three-week rescue mission

The residents of the city of Palu on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi first spotted the crocodile back in 2016. Since crocodiles are a regular sight in the river surrounding the city, this one immediately stood out. It was often spotted swimming and sunbathing with a rubber tyre around its neck.

India TImes 1

The crocodile which was seen with the tyre
Image Source: India Times

The residents and the villagers grew concerned for the crocodile as it grew in size. They feared that the rubber tyre could choke it and eventually kill it. Although there was a coordinated effort, the local authorities and the local conservationist groups, the crocodile was smart enough to evade the traps laid down by them.

However, the hero of our story soon came to the rescue! A local animal lover named Tili saw the crocodile’s condition and took pity. He had told the reporters that he hates seeing animals trapped and even helps out snakes.

Tili’s operation took place in three weeks. The operation was complex and tough because the crocodile was heavy and smart. Tili used live chickens and ducks as baits to set up his traps. His first two attempts to capture the crocodile failed since the ropes he had used were weak against the reptile’s size and weight.

He quickly recognised his error and switched to nylon ropes, which are commonly used to tig, and was successful in capturing the crocodile. Dozens of villagers came to Tili’s aid and pitched in to restrain the massive reptile.

Arab News

The villagers surround the crocodile to save it.
Image Source: Arab News

He used a small saw which was supported by a bamboo shoot to cut the rubber tyre. Since he was extremely tired from restraining the reptile, he let villagers finish the rescue. By the end of the operation, everyone was sweaty and tired.

Due to his efforts, the local authorities rewarded Tili and praised him. He later told the reporters that people were sceptical and thought he was not serious. However, he proved them wrong.


Image Source: Imgur

References: ViceNews

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