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Bollywood Feud Ends: Salman Khan And Arijit Singh Reunite For ‘Tiger 3’ Song”


After a nine-year-long feud, Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has unveiled a special surprise for his fans. On October 19th, he shared a sneak peek of his new song from the upcoming film ‘Tiger 3.’ What makes this song truly remarkable is that it features Arijit Singh as the playback singer for Salman Khan, marking the first collaboration between the two renowned talents. 

Salman Khan ENDS 9-Year Feud With Arijit Singh | Singer Spotted at Tiger 3  Star House -

Source: YouTube

Salman Khan took to his social media platforms to share a striking poster of the first song from ‘Tiger 3.’ While the poster showcased the charismatic duo of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, who plays the character Zoya in the film, it was the caption that truly captured everyone’s attention. Khan wrote, “Pehle gaane ki pehli jhalak. Leke Prabhu Ka Naam! Oh haan, yeh hai Arijit Singh ka pehla gaana mere liye (The first glimpse of the first song. Taking the name of the Almighty! And yes, this is Arijit Singh’s first song for me). The song is set to release on October 23rd, and ‘Tiger 3’ is all set to hit theaters this Diwali, on November 12th, in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

salman khan ends 9 years feud with arijit singh spotted tiger 3 star h |  Salman-Arijit met after ending 9 years of fight, Singer was scared to see  Bhaijaan's anger

Source: India Posts English

The bitter history between Salman Khan and Arijit Singh dates back to a regrettable incident that unfolded at an award function in 2014, which was hosted by Salman himself. During the event, Arijit Singh, clad in casual attire and flip-flops, went on stage to accept an award. In a jesting manner, Salman Khan quipped, “So gaye the (Were you sleeping)?” In response, the singer humorously retorted, “Aap logon ne sula diya (You all put me to sleep).” This exchange took an unpleasant turn when Salman Khan remarked that it wasn’t their fault if songs like “Tum Hi Ho” were lulling.

The aftermath of this on-stage altercation had a lasting impact on their professional relationship. Arijit Singh’s songs were systematically excluded from Salman Khan’s films, including popular movies like ‘Sultan’ and ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan.’ In an attempt to mend fences, Arijit publicly apologized to Salman Khan in 2016 and implored him to retain his version of the song in ‘Sultan.’ However, Khan remained unyielding, and the song was subsequently recorded by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. This incident marked a significant downturn in Arijit Singh’s career, as his melodious voice was conspicuously absent from several chart-topping tracks in the industry.

With the revelation of Arijit Singh’s collaboration with Salman Khan for ‘Tiger 3,’ it appears that the frosty relations between the two icons have thawed, signifying a promising reunion. The recent photograph of Arijit Singh leaving Salman Khan’s home further fueled speculations about their patch-up, and it’s now evident that these speculations were well-founded.

Salman Khan Arijit Singh Ends their 9 years old enmity Singer Spotted At  galaxy apartment Amid Tiger 3 release खत्म हुई सलमान-अरिजीत की 9 साल पुरानी  दुश्मनी? भाईजान के घर पहुंचे सिंगर! |

Source: Jansatta

This historic collaboration not only ends a nearly decade-long feud but also marks a pivotal moment in Indian cinema. Arijit Singh, often regarded as one of India’s most exceptional playback singers, lending his voice to Salman Khan for the first time signifies a significant shift in the industry. Fans of both artists are eagerly awaiting the release of this song and the opportunity to witness their harmonious collaboration on the big screen.

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