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BMTC Introduces Cutting-Edge Safety Tech To Enhance Driver Skills And Passenger Security

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Bengaluru’s Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has initiated a pilot project, introducing the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) technology on ten of its buses. Aimed at preventing accidents and fostering defensive driving skills among its massive fleet of 10,000 drivers, the project integrates ‘Mobile 8 Connect’ devices equipped with vision sensor cameras, Driver Monitoring System (DMS) cameras, GPS units, and eye watches. Launched by Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy, this three-month pilot project signifies a proactive step in modernizing public transportation for enhanced safety.

BMTC Buses: BMTC Introduces Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in  Buses for Enhanced Safety | Bengaluru News - Times of India

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The focal point of this innovative safety initiative lies in the ‘Mobile 8 Connect’ devices seamlessly installed on the front windshield of the buses. These devices house vision sensor cameras, DMS cameras, GPS units, and eye watches, all working in tandem to create a comprehensive safety net. The vision sensor camera plays a pivotal role in identifying vehicles in proximity to the bus, continuously monitoring the headway to maintain a safe distance. This real-time monitoring aids in avoiding potential forward collisions with vehicles and pedestrians, accompanied by speed limit warnings. To ensure the driver is well-informed, audio and visual alerts are relayed through an ‘eye watch’ positioned on the right side of the driver.

Crucially, the DMS camera serves as an inward-facing guardian, vigilantly observing the driver’s movements. It captures video footage before and after detecting any unusual driver behavior, contributing to the overall safety monitoring system. This dual-camera setup enhances not only preventive measures but also provides valuable data for post-incident analysis.

Tech to study bus driver behaviour

Recognizing the importance of women’s safety, BMTC is extending its safety measures beyond the driver’s seat. The introduction of cameras, panic buttons, and mNVR (mobile network video recorder) on buses aims to create a secure environment for female passengers. The Namma BMTC app, designed to empower passengers, includes an SOS button specifically tailored for women. In case of distress, fights, or any untoward incident, women passengers can swiftly alert authorities through this panic button.

Upon pressing the SOS/panic button, an automated alert is promptly dispatched to the control room. The control room staff initiates a quick inquiry, contacting the bus crew for details. If the alert is validated, the control room takes immediate action by tracking the vehicle and notifying the nearest Sarathi vehicles for rapid intervention. This comprehensive safety framework demonstrates BMTC’s commitment to passenger security and their proactive approach to addressing potential issues.


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