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Bengaluru Woman Sexually Harassed In Lulu Mall, Video Sparks Outrage


A video capturing an unsettling incident of sexual harassment at a bustling mall in Bengaluru has gained widespread attention on social media. The video showcases a young woman being targeted by an elderly man who deliberately touched her inappropriately within the mall’s games zone. As the video began to circulate, the police launched an investigation into the matter, with the jurisdictional Magadi Road police taking charge of the preliminary probe.

Bengaluru: Police probe viral video claiming sexual harassment at Lulu Mall

Source: AsiaNet

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The viral video, which has ignited outrage and condemnation across social media platforms, offers a disturbing glimpse into the incident. In the footage, the accused man can be seen intentionally encroaching upon the personal space of the woman, who remained passive and did not protest. This unnerving encounter took place at the renowned Lulu Mall in Bengaluru, a popular shopping destination in the city.

The video was initially shared on an Instagram account and quickly gained momentum as it was shared and reshared by concerned netizens. The person who uploaded the video not only documented the harassment but also highlighted that the accused man had targeted other women and girls within the mall. In their caption, they explained, “Recorded this incident today evening around 6.30 p.m. in Lulu Mall Funtura Bengaluru. This man in the video was doing such a thing to the random women and girls around here.”

Bengaluru Man Caught Touching Woman's Back In Lulu Mall, Video Sparks  Outrage

Source: News24

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the individual who captured the video took immediate action by reporting the incident to mall security. They noted, “First when I saw him in a very crowded area, I felt suspicious about him and followed him recording the video. Then I got this. Went to security and complained about this, then we came in search of him but we missed. So informed the mall management and security, they said they’ll try to find that person and take action. Shame on such people.”

The swift response from both the uploader and the mall security has shed light on the importance of bystander intervention and reporting such incidents promptly. As a result, the jurisdictional Magadi Road police initiated a preliminary probe into the matter, aiming to identify and take appropriate action against the accused.

This disturbing incident is not an isolated case of harassment in Bengaluru. Earlier, a woman filed a complaint against a Rapido bike taxi driver, alleging that she had experienced inappropriate behavior during her ride. Her ordeal included receiving indecent messages and an alarming incident involving the driver’s self-gratification. The woman shared her distressing experience on ‘X,’ recounting how the driver engaged in such behavior despite her requests to halt the ride.


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