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Bengaluru Traffic Police’s Innovative Approach To Enhance Road Safety

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In a bid to bolster road safety awareness and reduce traffic violations, the Bengaluru traffic police have introduced a novel initiative. This endeavor involves the use of email and WhatsApp alerts to notify companies about their employees’ traffic rule infractions. 

Break a traffic rule, get an SMS about it

Source: Bangalore Mirror

Upon detecting a traffic rule violation, law enforcement officers will promptly send emails and alerts via WhatsApp to the respective companies, detailing the employee’s infraction. This real-time notification system allows companies to take corrective actions and contribute to the larger goal of improving road safety.

The initiative, currently in its pilot phase, is being tested in the Madiwala area of Bangalore. This strategic choice enables the traffic police to assess the effectiveness of the program in a controlled environment. The officials are keenly monitoring the pilot phase, gauging the response and impact on reducing violations. If successful, the plan is to expand this innovative approach to other areas of Bengaluru.

Why don't traffic police in Bangalore prevent the traffic jams by doing  their jobs honestly, instead of just finding the random guys without  helmets for fine etc? -

Source: Quora

The primary objective of this initiative is to address and mitigate common traffic violations, such as vehicles traveling on one-way roads. By targeting specific infractions, the Bengaluru traffic police aim to create a safer and more disciplined road environment. The officials emphasize the importance of public cooperation in adhering to traffic rules to enhance overall road safety.

In a recent crackdown, the Bengaluru traffic police targeted vehicles carrying more schoolchildren than permitted under the Karnataka Motor Vehicles Act. This operation spanned 48 traffic police stations, resulting in 708 cases being booked and 1,400 vehicles inspected. Notably, 247 buses, 97 auto rickshaws, 134 Omni vans, 201 other vans, and 29 other vehicles faced charges for overloading. The proactive measures demonstrate the commitment of the traffic police to enforce regulations and ensure the safety of young passengers.

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