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Bengaluru Traffic Police Introduces Cutting-edge AI App For Seamless Traffic Management

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The Bengaluru traffic police department introduces its innovative artificial intelligence (AI)-backed ASTraM app during the Road Safety Awareness Week.

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One of the key features of the ASTraM app is the provision of real-time congestion alerts to jurisdictional traffic officials every 15 minutes. This integration with the traffic department’s e-attendance system ensures prompt notifications to junction jockeys and sector officers. The primary objective is to keep stakeholders informed about congestion updates for more effective traffic planning and management. Additionally, the app’s analytics feature aims to provide actionable intelligence on traffic conditions, road safety, and enforcement. By analyzing congestion length, vehicle count, and types, the Bengaluru Traffic Police (BTP) can make data-driven decisions and even predict potential traffic congestion, enabling proactive measures.

The app incorporates a BOT (mobile application) for incident reporting from authorized sources. This system ensures that relevant information is promptly shared with map services, providing real-time updates to the public. The BTP’s Traffic Management Center (TMC) monitors on-field traffic situations based on these reports, collaborating with jurisdictional traffic officials and other stakeholders for swift resolutions.

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Source: The Local Brief

ASTraM’s special event management feature maintains a comprehensive log of major events in the city. It provides a spatial understanding of the traffic situation, enabling better resource allocation and alternative planning measures. Central monitoring from the TMC ensures continuous surveillance of these events, facilitating the rapid dissemination of crucial information for prompt action.

Addressing the critical need for swift ambulance movement, the app includes a dedicated Ambulance Tracking Application. This feature allows the control room to monitor registered ambulance movements from source to destination. It also alerts the control room when an ambulance is delayed for more than 120 seconds in traffic. The app ensures that the shortest route and real-time traffic conditions are communicated to drivers, promoting timely intervention through an SOS button.

Bengaluru cops launch 'ASTraM' to tame city's traffic

Source: DH

The Bengaluru traffic police have deployed 10 drone cameras across the city. These drones operate during morning and evening peak hours, providing real-time feeds to TMC’s video wall. This visual data aids in monitoring congestion and identifying potential bottlenecks along high-density corridors. The information gathered is relayed to jurisdictional traffic officials for necessary actions.


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