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Bengaluru Road Rage: ISRO Scientist’s Car Kicked By Biker- Caught On Video


In the video, the man can be seen expressing his anger through speech, followed by forcefully kicking the car and then riding away on his scooter.


In a compelling revelation from Bengaluru’s ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) quarters, a dedicated employee, Aashish Lamba, has shed light on a distressing encounter with road rage during his routine commute to work. Capturing the unsettling incident on camera, Lamba unveiled a video depicting a motorcyclist abruptly halting amidst the bustling city traffic, deliberately positioning himself in front of Lamba’s car. The motorcyclist proceeded to forcefully kick the car before swiftly making his exit, leaving behind a bewildered scene.


Source: Free Press Journal

On a Tuesday morning, amidst the lively surroundings of east Bengaluru, an incident unfolded. A man was seen recklessly riding a scooter, abruptly coming to a halt right in front of Aashish Lamba’s car. This unexpected action forced Aashish to halt his car too. Aashish, a 29-year-old ISRO employee, decided it was necessary to report the occurrence to the police.

Sharing his harrowing experience, Lamba took to social media to recount the events of the previous day. While enroute to the ISRO office, specifically in the vicinity of the recently constructed HAL underpass, he encountered a worrisome situation. Lamba described a person riding a Scooty with the license plate KA03KM8826, notable for not wearing a helmet and exhibiting reckless driving behavior. 

This careless person kept abruptly swerving in front of Lamba’s car, compelling him to rapidly apply the brakes to prevent a potential collision. In an effort to provide proof of this unsettling incident, Lamba enhanced his tweet by including a real-time video capturing the event, along with snapshots highlighting the bold actions of the motorist.


In the video footage, the man can be seen angrily uttering incomprehensible words before launching a forceful kick towards the car, eventually departing on his scooter. This sequence of events prompted a response from the Bengaluru City Police, who acknowledged the video. The police department assured that the officers overseeing the area were duly informed of the incident and its details.

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