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Bengaluru Police Southeastern Division Goes Fully Digital

Justice Manmeet Pritam Singh Arora. 26

In a groundbreaking move, the southeastern division of the Bengaluru police has embraced a fully digital approach, marking a significant milestone as the first in the city and the state to do so. Under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) CK Baba, this transformation extends across 14 police stations and three offices of the Assistant Commissioners of Police (ACP). Inspired by Bengaluru Police Commissioner B Dayananda’s initiative to make e-Office a mandatory component, a Mission Mode Project (MMP) under the National E-Governance Plan, for divisional-level offices, DCP Baba has now implemented this digital revolution throughout the entire division.

Southeastern division of Bengaluru police goes fully paperless

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DCP Baba’s vision for a paperless police division has not only eliminated the need for physical paperwork but has also ushered in a new era of transparency, convenience, efficiency, and accountability. All police stations and ACP offices within the division are now interconnected digitally with his office, resulting in a significant reduction in time delays and the use of excess manpower. The implementation of e-Office has streamlined administrative tasks, saving precious time that can be better utilized in ensuring public safety and security. While e-Office was previously available only at higher levels, its extension to all divisions is a significant step forward in modernizing police operations.

Prajwal D'Souza

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The advantages of this digital transformation are manifold. Officers can now access administrative matters such as leaves, promotions, punishments, and inquiries remotely, significantly improving response times. Moreover, digital records are far more secure than their paper counterparts. The need for physical file transport has become obsolete, thanks to encryption and access control measures. Every piece of data is meticulously recorded, virtually eliminating the possibility of files going missing or being manipulated. This not only enhances transparency but also safeguards the integrity of critical information.

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DCP Baba is a staunch advocate for transparency and believes that e-Office plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal within the administrative process and document handling. With digital records, manipulation becomes nearly impossible, ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of every piece of data. The ability to securely backup digital data further reduces the risk of data loss, providing peace of mind in case of unexpected incidents. Notably, this digital transformation has streamlined the leave application process for police personnel, eliminating the frustrating wait times for leave approvals. Adequate training and the issuance of digital credentials to administrative staff have been pivotal in making this transition a success.

CP Bengaluru ಪೊಲೀಸ್ ಆಯುಕ್ತ ಬೆಂಗಳೂರು (@CPBlr) / X

The success of this digital initiative would not have been possible without the support of key stakeholders. DCP Baba acknowledges the invaluable assistance received from the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), the Police Computer Wing (PCW), and the Centre for e-Governance. Their collaboration has been instrumental in ensuring a smooth transition to a paperless police division. Beyond the benefits of efficiency and transparency, there are also significant environmental advantages. The reduced reliance on paper contributes to sustainability goals, while also yielding cost savings by eliminating the need for printers and related equipment.

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