Bengaluru: Namma Metro Soon To Make Your Lives Easier

Namma Metro will soon become of the leading metros where you will not require a smart card or a token to travel. The Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL)is currently working on a plan to introduce monthly passes based on AI-based face recognition technology.

While speaking with the Times of India, Anjum Parwez, the managing director, said, “Passengers can go in front of the automatic fare collection (AFC) gate at the station and it will automatically open. For these kinds of technology, time and speed are very essential on how much time is required for the face to be recognised and the data to be transferred to the backend.”

Anjum Parwez The MD of BMRCL Image Source Elets eGov
Anjum Parwez, MD of BMRCL
Image Source: Elets eGov

Moreover, BMRCL on Tuesday joined hands with Google after signing an MoU with them. Mr Parwez told the Times of India, “We’ll provide the entire data about train movements at Metro stations to Google so they can provide real-time information on the Google Map. For commuters, it will be easy to know what time a train is reaching a particular station even if they are not inside the station.”

Mr Parwez further explained that travellers would be benefitted immensely from the upcoming 5G technology in the country. Furthermore, the QR code generation and the operations of the AFC gate will be extremely smooth because of 5G. Additionally, PoS machines at the ticket counters will operate seamlessly due to 5G.

In April, the BMRCL had introduced a one-day (Rs 200 including a refundable deposit of Rs 50) and a three-day pass (Rs 400 including a refundable deposit of Rs 50). However, it was not popular among the passengers and the passengers had been demanding a monthly pass. BMRCL felt that people would misuse the card as multiple passengers would travel with the same card at different times.

With the introduction of AI-based facial recognition, BMRCL believes that it would tackle the misuse of monthly passes.


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Featured image source: Deccan Herald

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