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Bengaluru: Gangster Mahesh N Hacked To Death Shortly After Release; Case Explained

mahesh N
Image Source: Oneindia Kannada

Gangster Mahesh N alias Siddapura Mahesh, 33, was hacked to death in plain view shortly after he was released from the Bengaluru central prison on Friday evening, marking the second gangland murder in Bengaluru within the past month.

Mahesh N

Mahesh N
Image Source: Vijaya Vani

In Bengaluru’s south, Mahesh is charged with several assault and murder offences. On July 2, 2021, he became the prime suspect in the open-air stabbing death of a rowdy named Madan N at the Banashankari Metro Station, Bengaluru.

Wilson Garden Naga and Double Metre Mohan, two of Madan’s acquaintances, are being looked into by the police for their possible involvement in Mahesh’s murder. Mahesh is thought to have emerged as a challenger to Naga and Mohan’s dominance in resolving real estate issues and their company, according to police sources. Naga and Mohan operate in south Bengaluru.

Who is Mahesh N?

According to the police, Mahesh had 11 cases, including murder, attempt to murder, and extortion. Officers investigating the case said they suspect the hand of rival gang leader Wilson Garden Naga.

The police officer said, “He is known to give supari to bump people off and extort money. This looks like his handiwork. He (Naga) and Mahesh were members of a gang led by Lingaraju alias Shantinagar Linga. When Linga began preferring Mahesh to Naga, the duo developed differences. The enmity grew deeper when Shantinagar Linga was murdered in 2020 in his farmhouse. Mahesh suspected Naga’s hand in it.”

The officer added, “When Mahesh was lodged in Ballari jail in a murder case and was released on bail a few years back, no less than 200 people took out a procession in Ballari as a show of strength.”

How was Mahesh Killed?

He was being driven home by his newlywed wife and two associates near Hosur Road junction when, less than 1.5 hours after his release, an armed gang attacked him just 1.5 kilometers from the prison in Bengaluru.

The slain gangster, Mahesh N alias Siddapura Mahesh (35), tied the knot only two months back, police sources said. Mahesh N was driving home when criminals halted him in a car and two bikes. He was killed in the subsequent machete attack by them.

Mahesh N

Image Source: Hindustan Times

An officer investigating the case told reporters, “They smashed his head into pieces beyond recognition. When rival gangs engage in a revenge killing, they commit the most brutal act of murder to send out a strong message to the rival gang to ‘not mess with them, or this would be the result’.”

How did the killers know that Mahesh had received bail?

Sources familiar with the investigation suggest that jail inmates and individuals aware of the legal proceedings within the prison could have informed Mahesh N’s rivals about his release. “There are plenty of gangs inside the jail, and the information about who is getting bail and who is getting out travels fast,” added the officer.

A History Of Gang Rivalry

On July 4, 2020, Siddapura Mahesh and his gang attacked Lakkasandra Madan near a temple in Jayanagar police station limits. Madan died on the spot due to the attack by Mahesh’s gang.

Around 11.45 am in broad daylight, the incident led to Mahesh’s arrest by Jayanagar police for killing Madan. Mahesh attempted to flee while reconstructing the crime scene at Thalaghattapura but was shot in the left leg by the pursuing police.

mahesh N

Image Source: Dr Vishwanath BL @Twitter

Concerning the murder of Madan, Mahesh N was detained at Parappana Agrahara but was freed last month. Nevertheless, he was detained shortly after for attempting to flee from the police as they were investigating the crime scene.

A police inspector who carefully examined Mahesh’s case claims that Mahesh N repeatedly tried to kill Wilson Garden Naga and that Naga also attacked Mahesh.

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