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Bengaluru Folks Are Experiencing ‘Static Shocks’ : Know The Reason!

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 Several citizens in Bengaluru city are complaining of static shocks in the last 15 days. While the sudden spike in static shock cases is worrying many, experts suggest that the weather might be a reason for the condition. 

Expert’s say

“There is no specific explanation for it. Winter has not yet fully gone from the city and the mornings are still cold. Static electric shocks are witnessed during the winter. I have experienced it many times in the US during the cold season. It particularly happens if one is wearing polyester clothing” said Dr. K M Manjunath, from Vikram Hospital. 

The issue started to surface around the city when a citizen named Aakanksha Gaur took to Twitter to share her experience. “Bangalore folk, have you getting static shocks on touching metal for a few days? A crazy number of my friends are experiencing this. I saw a real little spark while opening the doorknob.” said Gaur on her twitter. After her tweet, other users on the application also shared their experiences regarding the same issue. 

Although there is still a great deal of ambiguity over this issue, they have stated that weather might be a cause for it. Experts suggest that the Electrostatic discharge (ESD) happens during the last days of winter, as the weather starts getting warmer. 

ESD happens when the electric charge moves with two different electric potentials. When static electricity is brought in contact with another object, the energy transfers, thus causing the shock. 

People have taken to social media to share their experiences regarding static shock. Many tweets from over 15 years ago are also resurfacing the application.

“My 5-year-old daughter experienced it quite a few times. Pataka Hora (Fire cracker happened) she exclaimed”, said Dr. Haleema Yezdani, a doctor from Bengaluru.

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