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All You Need To Know About Umesh Reddy | The Beast Of Bangalore

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The third season of the critically acclaimed ‘Indian Predators’ will be streaming soon. Titled as the ‘Beast of Bengaluru’, the season will tell the story of one of the most feared criminals in the history of Bengaluru city – Umesh Reddy

The Beginning

Born in 1969, Umesh Reddy, a Kannadiga by birth, is a serial killer and a serial rapist. The man has confessed to killing over 18 women and has been convicted in 9 of them. However, it is believed that the number would be much higher.

Mini Umesh Reddy' in Mysuru

Umesh Reddy – Credits : The Bangalore Mirror

Umesh Reddy’s terror had reached a point wherein, men would be scared to leave their houses, as the man had tackled police on several occasions to continue with his heinous activities.

Born in the Chitradurga district of Karnataka, Reddy was a CRPF jawan. While on duty he had tried to rape the daughter of a commandant. Following the development of that issue, Reddy ran away from the valleys of Kashmir and travelled back to his home state, Karnataka.

As the authorities in Karnataka were not aware of his track record, they inducted him into the District Armed Reserve Police, in 1996.

Soon after joining his duty, Reddy started molesting women again. He was infamous for targeting women of all ages and all backgrounds. In 1996, he tried to rape a 16-year-old student, who managed to escape. The public furor as a result of the victim’s testimony did not seem to scare Reddy, as he continued with his activities.

Umesh Reddy – The Criminal

There was a pattern of Umesh’s crime. He would usually target housewives, and enter their houses between 11 am to 3 pm (when their husbands would be out for work). Umesh would enter the house usually on the pretext of asking for an address for water. The man would threaten the women to strip; rape them, kill them, and often rape the dead body as well. After killing the victims, Umesh would steal the jewellery, to make it look like an act of theft.

Beast of Bangalore: Indian Predator Web Series (2022) | Release Date, Review, Cast, Trailer, Watch Online at Netflix - Gadgets 360

Official Poster of Beast of Bangalore

Umesh Reddy is a transvestite. He would steal the victim’s undergarments after killing them. Several women’s clothing items were recovered from his house later.

One of the first times Umes was caught, was when a girl whom he had allegedly raped identified him at the Republic Day Police Parade.

Umesh served judicial custody for the same case, however, while he was being transferred to Bellary jail in 1997, he managed to escape.

It was just the beginning of his tryst with the police authorities. Having served in the police department, Umesh was well aware of functioning, and as a result of the same, he was able to make use of the loopholes and escape. Umesh reportedly escaped the jail five times, after being caught, embarrassing the police.

Once after escaping the jail, Umesh made his way to the neighboring states and started raping women there. Reports came in from Maharashtra and Gujarat, noting the same pattern of rapes and murders.

Umesh would visit a city, rape multiple women in the city, get a menial job there, steal cash and change his location. In the middle of these juggles, whenever he was arrested by the police, Umesh would always escape them.

However, in 2002, when Umesh was in Bangalore at the Yeshwantpur Railway Station, a rickshaw driver identified the man and contacted the authorities. Umesh Reddy was finally arrested for good.


Death Sentence

Out of the cases which were lodged against him, Umesh was acquitted in 11 cases due to lack of sufficient evidence. A fast-track court in Bangalore gave him multiple charges, which also included the death penalty. Several higher courts upheld the death sentence for Umesh Reddy in the last 15 years. However, on November 4, 2022, the Apex Court commuted his death sentence to 30 years imprisonment.


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The story of the beast of Bangalore – Umesh Reddy 






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