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All You Need To Know About The Beauty Parlour Stroke Syndrome

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A woman in Hyderabad was recently treated with the ‘Beauty Parlour Stroke Syndrome’. She showed the symptoms of vomiting, nausea, and dizziness. She started to show these syndromes after her hair was washed with shampoo in a beauty parlour. 

beauty parlour stroke syndrome

50-year-old suffers from ‘beauty parlour stroke syndrome’

What Is The Beauty Parlour Syndrome?

Dr. Sudhir Kumar, an MD, stated that when referred to his opinion, he discovered that she had developed mild cerebellar signs. MRI brain revealed an infarct in the right posterior inferior cerebellar territory, MR angiogram showed left vertebral hypoplasia. A diagnosis of beauty parlour stroke syndrome involving right PICA (Posterior inferior cerebellar artery) infarct territory was made. A possible mechanism is kinking of the vertebral artery during hyperextension and turning of the neck towards the wash basin while washing hair with shampoo. She had well-controlled hypertension too,” the doctor said, in an interview with the Indian Express.

The doctor warned that the stroke which affects the vertebrobasilar artery territory can occur during the “shampoo hair-wash in a beauty parlour, especially in women with other atherosclerotic risk factors and undetected vertebral hypoplasia. Prompt recognition and treatment can prevent disability”.

Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome

According to a report by the Indian Express, Dr. Kumar stated that 10-20 percent of people have thin arteries on one side, which become more vulnerable when the other, the thicker side artery, is compressed.

Who Is At A Higher Risk?

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Dr. Tarun Sharma, Director of the Brain and Spine Surgery unit in Margeno ORG hospital stated that people with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, hypertension, and other heart diseases, are at a higher risk of the stroke. “Obese people or heavy smokers are also at a higher risk” continued Dr. Sharma.


Dr. Sharma laid down a few points to avoid the stroke. Using lukewarm water while washing the head, and avoiding sudden and excessive neck manipulation helps. Health professionals suggest that people with comorbidities and a prior history of brain and heart diseases shall take extra care. 


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