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Alfa Sports & Co Seeks INR 500 Cr In Damages from Shark Tank India Participants

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Kashmir-based cricket bat manufacturer Alfa Sports & Co has initiated legal proceedings against Sony Entertainment Television Ltd, the broadcaster of Shark Tank India, as well as participants Saad Tramboo and Hamad Tramboo, co-founders of Tramboo Sports Pvt Ltd. Alfa Sports & Co is seeking INR 500 Cr in damages, alleging distortion of facts during Tramboo Sports’ pitch on the show, which aired on January 30, 2024. 

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According to Alfa Sports, a prominent player in India’s bat manufacturing industry, Tramboo Sports falsely claimed sole manufacturing capabilities for “lite willow” bats, causing reputational harm to Alfa Sports & Co and the broader industry. The legal notice highlights that Tramboo Sports co-founders, Saad Tramboo and Hamad Tramboo, allegedly misrepresented the source of cricket willows used in bat production, suggesting them as their own product on the Shark Tank India episode.

Kashmir Bat Makers Look To Sue Shark Tank India, Sony

Source: Inc42

Fawazul Kabir, spokesperson for the Cricket Bat Manufacturers Association of Kashmir (CBMAK), revealed that Tramboo Sports had sourced cricket willows from Alfa Sports, one of their vendors. Kabir emphasized that Alfa Sports had invoices documenting the sale of bats directly to Tramboo Sports, making the alleged misrepresentation a breach of vendor contract. Kabir stated that legal action would be pursued unless an immediate apology is issued on national television.

The legal notice asserts that due to Tramboo Sports’ false claims, Alfa Sports & Co, the original manufacturer, experienced a decline in business confidence, decreased sales, and a negative impact on exports. Kabir emphasized the detrimental consequences faced by the indigenous industry in Kashmir, urging Sony TV and Tramboo Sports to rectify the situation to avoid legal repercussions.

Why Shark Tank India 3 & Tramboo Sports Have Been Sued For Rs 100 Crores  Over Alleged False Claim?

Source: India Times

CBMAK’s Kabir questioned Tramboo Sports’ assertions regarding technology to elevate Kashmir willows to the quality of English willows, asserting that this was not a unique proposition of the company. He highlighted that the technology and storage facilities in Kashmir were established years ago as a government initiative, disputing Tramboo Sports’ claims of uniqueness.

In response to the allegations, Hamaad Tramboo clarified that Tramboo Sports never positioned itself as the sole manufacturer in the industry. He stated that the company operates as a direct-to-consumer (D2C) brand, currently lacking a manufacturing facility, and relies on contract manufacturing. Tramboo Sports also emphasized the challenges of condensing a comprehensive pitch into a brief television segment and urged the public not to be swayed by baseless allegations.

Kashmir Bat Makers Look To Sue Over Shark Tank India Claims; Seek INR 500 Cr  In Damages

Source: Inc42

Despite the controversy, Tramboo Sports received positive recognition on Shark Tank India, securing investment commitments from prominent judges. Lenskart co-founder and CEO Peyush Bansal and boAt co-founder and CMO Aman Gupta pledged INR 30 Lakh for a 4% equity stake in the company.

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