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AI-Driven Traffic Solutions To Advance Bengaluru’s Road Traffic Management

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Bengaluru, with over a crore vehicles, stood as the world’s second-most congested city. However, the city is now poised to transform its traffic landscape by integrating state-of-the-art technology into its road safety and traffic management initiatives. Recently floated tenders mark the city’s commitment to embracing advanced tech solutions under the Bengaluru city road safety and traffic management project. This ambitious project involves leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, map APIs, speed display boards, and surveillance systems to create a comprehensive and efficient traffic management framework.

Bengaluru sets to roll out AI-based traffic solution at all signals

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To alleviate congestion on 20 major roads, including prominent ones like Outer Ring Road and Bellary Road, Bengaluru’s traffic police are set to employ an AI-based search engine. This cutting-edge technology will employ advanced data analytics to comprehend traffic patterns, accidents, and violations. Predictive analytics will play a pivotal role in providing alerts for upcoming congestion, enabling the formulation of responsive action plans. Notably, the system will also tap into third-party platforms to gauge road user perceptions, offering a holistic understanding of the traffic ecosystem.

Harnessing the potential of Map APIs, the selected firm will develop a map application overlaid with key corridors and Bengaluru city jurisdictions. This interactive map will serve as a dynamic tool for traffic police to report events, update statuses, and share data on factors affecting traffic, such as accidents, breakdowns, and weather-related incidents. The integration of monitoring devices will facilitate real-time data storage in a cloud-based analytical database, fostering transparency and collaboration with researchers to develop innovative solutions.

Planning, Improving travel safety with AI powered traffic management -

Source: TrafficInfraTech Magazine

In a bid to promote safer driving habits, Bengaluru’s traffic police will install speed display boards on 20 high-traffic-density corridors. These boards, featuring a speed range of 5-199 kmph, will display a red-faced emoji for over speeding and a green smiling face for maintaining a safe speed. Located strategically on roads prone to over speeding, such as Airport Road and Electronics City flyover, these display boards aim to grab attention and encourage responsible driving behavior.

Enhancing their surveillance capabilities, Bengaluru’s traffic police will deploy PTZ cameras at 12 major junctions and on high-rise buildings. This move, coupled with the utilization of drones, will strengthen the city’s ability to monitor traffic flow and respond promptly to incidents. The installation of cameras on high-rise structures reflects a commitment to comprehensive coverage, ensuring a bird’s-eye view of traffic conditions at crucial intersections.

Bengaluru traffic issues: Deputy CM DK Shivakumar, panel seek feasibility  report for tunnel road projects -

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Underlining their commitment to overall infrastructure improvement, Bengaluru’s traffic police will procure 1,000 metal barricades, 5,000 tubular cones, 5,000 road stud reflectors, and thermoplastic road markings. These enhancements, part of the Bengaluru city road safety and traffic management project, aim to augment safety measures at major junctions, contributing to the city’s broader efforts to create a secure and efficient traffic environment.

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