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Actor Vinayakan’s Arrest Sparks Controversy: Congress Accuses Kerala Police Of Weak Charges


The recent arrest of acclaimed actor Vinayakan in Kerala has sparked controversy and raised questions about the charges filed against him. The opposition Congress party has strongly criticized the Kerala police for slapping only bailable sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against the actor, who was apprehended for allegedly causing a disturbance at a police station while in an inebriated state. Congress leader Uma Thomas, in a scathing Facebook post, accused the police of being lenient and questioned whether this was a result of his political affiliation. This incident has stirred debate and concerns about the impartiality of law enforcement in the state.

Congress criticises actor Vinayakan's release on bail; Police justify action  -

Source: The South First

Vinayakan’s arrest took place following an alleged ruckus he created at the Ernakulam Town North police station. The police had summoned him in connection with a dispute involving his wife at their apartment. The actor’s behavior, reportedly fueled by alcohol, resulted in an uproar at the station, leading to his detainment.

In a strongly worded Facebook post, Congress leader and Thrikkakkara MLA Uma Thomas denounced the charges brought against Vinayakan. She accused the police of slapping weak sections of the IPC and releasing the actor on station bail, despite his misconduct and interference with the officers’ duties. Thomas also raised questions about whether Vinayakan’s swift release was influenced by his political connections, referring to the Communists. Additionally, she inquired whether the release was made under instructions from Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s official residence, the Cliff House.

Kochi Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Sasidharan rebuffed the accusations made by Congress and reaffirmed the police’s commitment to uphold the law impartially. He emphasized that Vinayakan had been charged with sections of the IPC that could result in up to three years of punishment if found guilty. DCP Sasidharan firmly stated, “Police will not yield to any influence,” demonstrating the department’s dedication to maintaining law and order.

Congress criticises actor Vinayakan's release on bail; Police justify action-

Source: The New Indian Express

Regarding the allegations of verbal abuse against police personnel, DCP Sasidharan assured that a thorough examination would take place. Video footage from the incident would also be reviewed to determine whether any additional charges were warranted. Notably, non-bailable sections of the IPC would only apply if there was evidence of criminal force being used against someone. Vinayakan was initially arrested for causing trouble at the police station, following which he was taken to a nearby hospital for a mandatory medical examination. Subsequently, he was released on bail as part of the standard procedure.

Congress criticises actor Vinayakan's release on bail; Police justify action  | Politics

Source: Deviscourse

As the controversy surrounding his arrest unfolded, Vinayakan, while leaving the hospital with the police after his medical examination, expressed his confusion regarding the reason for his arrest. This statement from the actor adds to the uncertainty surrounding the incident and the charges brought against him.

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