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3 Times Unacademy Made It To The Headlines For The Wrong Reasons


Unacademy, a prominent online learning platform, has experienced its fair share of attention in the press, not just for its groundbreaking educational initiatives, but also for the controversies that have captured the public’s interest. 


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Unacademy became entangled in controversies due to multiple factors. Initially it became well-liked because it aimed to provide education to everyone. However, due to controversies that quickly spread on social media, they were inevitably brought under the spotlight.


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Here are Unacademy’s notable controversies, from teacher getting fired to skit backlash.

There Were Tears In My Mother's Eyes After Seeing Termination Letter': Karan  Sangwan On Exit From Unacademy

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Dismissal of Educator Karan Sangwan:

In a recent development, Unacademy made headlines by terminating one of its educators, Karan Sangwan. The educator was let go after he encouraged students to vote for ‘educated candidates’. Co-founder Roman Saini, addressing the situation, stressed that the classroom environment should not serve as a platform for sharing personal opinions and perspectives that could potentially exert undue influence on students’ views.


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Viral Resurfacing of Derogatory Video:

Unacademy faced a wave of criticism as an old video featuring one of its instructors resurfaced on social media. In the video, the educator referred to tribal communities as ‘stupid’, sparking outrage and backlash from online communities. The incident highlighted the challenges of maintaining a positive public image in the digital age, where past actions can resurface to haunt organizations.


Source: Op India

‘Anti-Hindu’ Skit Triggers Backlash:

Unacademy encountered a firestorm of criticism after a ‘Ramleela skit’ presented at AIIMS, Delhi, and sponsored by the ed-tech company came under scrutiny from right-wing groups, including the RSS. The performance was deemed ‘anti-Hindu’ by these groups, leading to extensive trolling and negative attention for Unacademy. This incident underscores the delicate balance that organizations must strike when engaging in public events that can inadvertently stoke controversy.

These controversies shed light on the challenges that educational technology platforms like Unacademy face in the modern era.

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