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The Latest Case Of VVIP Arrogance: BJP MLA’s Daughter Lashes Out At The Police.

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The “Janta Hai Mera Baap Kon Hai” syndrome is very much alive in the nation.

This phenomenon is also called “VVIP Arrogance.”

One such case was recently seen in Banglore.

A video of Renuka Limbavali, the daughter of BJP MLA and former Karnataka Minister Aravind Limbavali, was caught on camera arguing with traffic police and name-dropping when she was stopped for a traffic violation.

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Renuka Limbavali arguing with the cops.
Credits:- Deccan Herald

The incident 

The incident occurred at Raj Bhavan Road at 5.15 pm on Thursday.

Traffic police stopped a BMW, on reports of rash driving from Queens Road which turned out to be Renuka Limbavali’s car.

The MLA’s daughter got out of the car and she was reportedly informed that the vehicle was stopped for jumping a signal and that other motorists along the way had also complained about the car being driven rashly.

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The BMW that was stopped 2which belonged to Renuka Limbavali.
Credits:- NDTV

The traffic police also point out that fines of 13 violations of the past, amounting to around 10 thousand were pending on the car. 

It was after this that Renuka lashed out at the police, accusing them of stopping her because the BMW had overtaken a car belonging to the Assistant Commissioner of Police.

A video of the whole incident was captured by NewsFirst Kannada, whose journalist was on duty near Raj Bhavan.

In the video, we can hear Renuka saying “I was not driving rashly. Will you book me for overtaking the ACP’s car?” And “What is this? This is an MLA vehicle, for your information. What is an ACP’s vehicle and what is an MLA’s vehicle?.”

She also goes on to brag about her father’s position saying “My father is an MLA. Do you know Aravind Limbavali? I am his daughter. That’s all. I will clear the case, and send everything home. Now I have to go, that’s all.”

When she notices the media cameraperson recording the incident and walks towards the camera asking the journalists to shut the camera. 

She is caught on camera pushing the camera away and abusing the journalists for taking the video.

She then argues some more with the cops now while sitting inside the car.

Later she states that she does not have the cash to pay right now, to which the police told her to pay the fine online.

This drags on for a while later, one of her friends who were with her in the car pays the fine and they leave the spot.

Credits:- The News Minute, The Free Press Journal and NDTV

Featured Image Credits:- Live Mint

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