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Sharat Saxena: The Underrated Gem of Indian Cinema

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Sharat Saxena, a 72-year-old veteran actor, remains one of the hidden treasures in the realm of Indian cinema. With a career spanning over five decades, primarily in Hindi films, he has left an indelible mark through his memorable performances in movies like “Bhagam Bhag,” “Phir Hera Pheri,” and “Bajarangi Bhaijaan.” In this article, we delve into the lesser-known aspects of this talented actor’s life and career, shedding light on his journey from a qualified engineer to an iconic presence on the silver screen.

A Qualified Engineer Pursuing Stardom

Sharat Saxena Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Family, Biography & More »  StarsUnfolded

Credits – StarsUnfolded

Born with a dream of becoming a Bollywood hero, Sharat Saxena, a qualified engineer, embarked on a journey to Mumbai in the early 1970s. Despite his initial aspirations, fate led him to carve a niche for himself through remarkable portrayals of negative and authoritarian roles that showcased his versatility and acting prowess.

Over 250 Hindi Films and Counting

Sharat Saxena says his only job would be to mouth lines like 'yes boss, no  boss', and he had no choice | Bollywood - Hindustan Times

Credits – Hindustan Times

With an astounding filmography exceeding 250 Hindi films, Sharat Saxena has become an integral part of the Indian film industry. His impactful performances in movies like “Tridev,” “Ghayal,” “Khiladi,” “Ghulam,” “Soldier,” “Krrish,” and “Bajarangi Bhaijaan” have solidified his position as a reliable actor who brings depth and authenticity to each character he portrays.

Stepping into the Epic Mahabharata

Mahabharat (1988)

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While primarily known for his work in films, Sharat Saxena also made his mark on Indian television. One notable stint was his role as Kichaka in the iconic television series “Mahabharata” (1988), produced by BR Chopra. The epic drama remains one of the most beloved and popular shows in Indian television history, and Saxena’s portrayal left a lasting impression on viewers.

Misunderstanding and Triumph

In an interesting turn of events, Sharat Saxena found himself in a misunderstanding with filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt. Having showcased his action hero skills in the film “Boxer” alongside Mithun Chakravarthy, Saxena became a sought-after actor for action-oriented roles. When approached for Bhatt’s “Ghulam,” he was determined to ensure fair compensation. Saxena’s demand of 2 lakhs caught Bhatt’s attention, leading the filmmaker to offer him an impressive 6 lakhs, a gesture that left Saxena delighted and content.

600 Action Scenes and Resilience

Sharat Saxena, who starred in Sherni, has done 600 action scenes in 40  years: 'I ended up in hospital 12 times' | Bollywood - Hindustan Times

Credits – Hindustan Times

Known for his impressive physique and agility, Sharat Saxena became synonymous with action sequences in Bollywood. His dedication to his craft is evident in his staggering accomplishment of performing approximately 600 action scenes throughout his four-decade-long career. However, the toll of such physically demanding roles was not without its consequences, as Saxena admitted to being hospitalized around 12 times due to injuries sustained during these intense sequences.


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