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Bengaluru: Dutch YouTuber Harassed In Chickpet; Accused Arrested

Image Source The Hindu 1
Image Source: The Hindu

A Dutch YouTuber shooting for his YouTube channel was harassed in a local market in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka. Although he was unharmed, the incident was captured on camera and has since gone viral. Since the event, one person has been taken into custody.

Dutch YouTuber Pedro Mota, better known as ipedromota on Instagram, was shopping in Chor Bazaar, also known as Chickpet Bazaar.

He was traversing the congested lanes when a man abruptly grabbed his hand. The man said, “Kya nameste?” when Pedro responded with a namaste. When was that?


Image Source: OpIndia

The Dutch YouTuber begs the man to release his hold on his hand, but the stranger ignores him, causing the footage to become choppy. A few seconds later, Pedro escapes, visibly disturbed, and tells his audience that the attacker attempted to break his finger.

The Dutch YouTuber’s video description titled ‘Attacked At The Thieves Market In India’ read: Foreigner travelling in India experiences the thieves market in Bangalore, also known as the sunday market or chor bazaar. However, exploring the area started out on the wrong foot as an angry man attacked me by grabbing and twisting my hand and arm, lunging after me as I tried to escape. After I had some street food, met great local Indian people and haggled for a new buttoned shirt.

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Social media users shared the video widely, tagging Bengaluru City Police to take appropriate action.


However, it has been discovered that although the exploit took place in March of this year, the video was posted the day before. The commissioner of Bengaluru City Police confirmed the chronology.

“It’s a old video which has come into circulation now. The person harassing in the video has been identified traced and action taken. No scope for such highhandedness in Naamma Bengaluru against anybody,” the police officer tweeted.


Navab Hayath Sharif was detained under Section 92 of the Karnataka Police Act for harassing the Dutch YouTuber.

This is hardly the first instance of harassment of foreigners by locals. Last year, a Korean YouTuber recording live in Mumbai’s Khar district experienced eve-teasing. The woman was invited to sit in the car by two males named Mobeen Chand Mohammad Shaikh and Mohammad Naqeeb Sadrealam Ansari. One of them attempted to kiss her, but she gently rejected him. Later, the police arrested the accused.

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