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Veerappan’s Infamous Hideout Set To Become A Tourist Attraction


In the annals of history, the enigmatic figure of the notorious dacoit Veerappan once stood as a formidable challenge to the authorities, a paradoxical character who, while branded as a poacher and smuggler, earned a distinct status akin to a modern-day Robin Hood among the residents of Tamil Nadu. 


Source: Mathrubhumi

The government had to face a lot of struggles to get hold of this famous dacoit. However, a surprising transformation is now underway as plans emerge to repurpose his former hideout into a captivating tourist destination, inviting the public to embark on a safari into the intriguing legacy of Veerappan.

The efforts expended by the state government, involving substantial financial resources, to apprehend the elusive Veerappan are now poised to take a new direction. With those funds expended, a novel strategy has emerged, aiming to capitalize on the legacy of the famed outlaw in a bid to generate revenue.


Source: Bangalore Mirror

In a surprising turn, the forest department is considering the establishment of a safari in the Gopinatham area, once the stronghold of the notorious Veerappan. Unlike the past when fear and trepidation surrounded the region, this prospective safari is envisioned to be accessible to the general public. The transformation is striking; during Veerappan’s reign, even the bravest were hesitant to venture into this territory, a testament to the palpable apprehension his presence evoked.

This area, previously under the vigilant watch of the police and the dedicated Special Task Force (STF) formed with the singular objective of apprehending Veerappan, is now set to undergo a metamorphosis. The very personnel who meticulously executed the series of operations aimed at capturing the dacoit are now preparing to steer this locale towards an entirely different purpose.


Source: News18 Kannada

As the pages of history are turned, the shift from a hideout that once harbored a notorious criminal to a potential hub of tourism and exploration raises intriguing questions about the evolution of perception and the potential of reimagining spaces laden with history. The decision to open up Veerappan’s former den to the public not only promises a unique and immersive experience but also challenges the shadows of the past that have long shrouded this landscape.

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