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Not-So-Popular Indian Scientists From The Current Era | National Science Day Special

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February is celebrated as the National Science Day in India. The day marks the discovery of the iconic Raman effect by Sir. C.V Raman on the same day in 1928. The physicist won a Nobel Prize in Physics for this discovery in 1930. 

National Science day allows the country to reminisce in the memory of the great scientific minds that the country has produced, across ages. While there are several who have been written about extensively, there remain many others who have gone unsung. 

Here are some unsung scientists from India, we should talk more about!

  • Dr. R V Krishnaiah

Andhra Scientist RV Krishnaiah Develops Cheaper Alternative To Bio-Toilets For Railways

RV Krishnaiah’s cheaper alternative to Bio toilets

Have you ever wondered how the toilets and the waste management system in a running railway function? Dr. R V Krishnaiah is the man behind the technology that collects waste from moving trains. Krishnaiah developed an automated system that collects human waste and later segregates it into different materials to be processed into usable things. 

Aligned with the Make in India campaign, the initiative is supported by the Department of Science and Technology. Dr. Krishnaiah shall be talked about more as the pioneer for revolutionalising the waste management system in Indian railways. 


  • Sounthirajan Kumaraswamy

Tamil Nadu engineer invents eco-friendly engine that uses hydrogen & releases oxygen | Trending & Viral News

Credits – Times Now

In an age where fuel has become the most sought-after element of our daily life activities, Indian engineer Kumaraswamy invented the Super Sonic Hydrogen IC Engine, which uses Hydrogen as a fuel and releases Oxygen. 

The Coimbatore-based scientist worked on the project for over a decade. Given the circumstances, the invention is touted to be one of the most eco-friendly projects. 

The project which will be officially released in Japan is the first water-based engine that uses distilled water to release Oxygen. 


  • Rajah Vijay Kumar 

Bengaluru scientist launches device to treat piles without surgery- The New Indian Express

Credits – The New Indian Express

Water has been a matter of contention across the planet. The city of Bengaluru is considered to be the one that might be facing a severe water shortage problem in the coming future. Rajah Vijay Kumar from the city has developed an Aquatron Boom Tube Resonator to solve the problem. The project is a multi-stage system that recycles sewage water into clean drinking water. 

The system is designed in a way that it uses the resonance of short waves to clean the water of its impurities. Besides, another major positive is the absence of any chemicals from the water purification process. The technology only uses electricity. 


  • Rajagopalan Vasudevan 

Plastic roads, plastic man of India, Rajagopalan Vasudevan - The Hindu BusinessLine

Rajagopalan Vasudevan. Credits – The Hindu Business Line

There have been important developments in the area of waste management in the world. However, Rajagopalan Vasudevan from India has been a pioneer for us in the same field. Also known as the Plastic Man of India, Vasudevan has been awarded a civilian award for coming up with a technique to reuse plastic to construct roads. 

The eco-friendly method received appreciation from all around the globe as it was seen as an economical and efficient method of reusing plastic and enhancing transportation. 


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