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Masjid Darshan At Masjid-e-Khadriya | Masjid Tour | Jumma Masjid Trust Board

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It was a landmark occasion and a crucial step towards communal harmony. The Masjid-e-Khadriya close to Benson Town in Bengaluru witnessed the momentous Masjid Darshan. The doors of this beguile praying spot were open to all women and men irrespective of their caste, creed, race, gender, and religion. 

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Masjid Darshan


Masjid Darshan

Mr Usman Shariff, Secreatary, Jumma Masjid Trust Board

The event organized by the Masjid trust board under the leadership of Mr. Usman Shariff saw a gathering of 100s of people from different parts of Bengaluru to witness the same. Masjid Darshan is a progressive step. The main agenda behind this Masjid Darshan was to showcase to the people of other communities what happens behind the closed doors of the masjid and what a masjid as a building or as a monument comprise of.

People from different communities visited the masjid and witnessed the beauty of the monument, watched the namaz being performed live, took part in a guided masjid tour, and enjoyed the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

The guided masjid tour included an explanation of the different parts of the masjid and how namaz is performed, a live Quran recitation stall where anyone could hear the Quran recitation, free Quran distribution stalls in different languages, an exhibition that had standees that explained about different terminologies like Jihad and Hijab which are very controversial in contemporary times. On display were the standees that spoke about different aspects of the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), landmark events in his life, and his family among others. The standees also beautifully decoded the timeline of the Muslim civilization, explaining certain aspects of what subjects like education, township, health, and others stood for in Islam.

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Masjid Darshan

Islamic artifacts at display


Masjid Darshan

Quran Stalls

Discoveries and inventions by the Muslims which include both medical and scientific instruments were on display with explanations about the same through a volunteer. Standees complemented these with a deeper understanding of the achievements of Muslims in these fields.

Other aspects

The Masjid Darshan also saw a live Q&A session where people from different communities who had questions and queries about Islam could get them cleared by Islamic scholars and experts. The session went on for a long time and had many queries addressed in vernacular languages.

Masjid Darshan

Live Q&A Session


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Nikah at the masjid

The people in the Masjid Darshan also witnessed a Nikah or a marriage happening live as well.

Masjid Darshan

Jain Community

The Masjid Darshan was graced by delegations of different communities, particularly his eminence Cardinal Mario Grech and Archbishop Most Rev. Dr. Peter Machado extended their support by bringing the communities together. 

Masjid Tour

Cardinal Mario Grech

Today when the Muslim community stands against prejudices and questions, an event like MD acts like a bridge to convey the effective message of what the community and the religion stand for and also conveys ideals of brotherhood, fraternity, and equality.

Prior to this, a masjid darshan was seen at the Bilal Masjid on Bannerghatta Road and we are hopeful that more Masjid Darshan will be witnessed in the city of Bengaluru.

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