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A Closer Look At Bharat Mandapam: G20 Summit Venue In New Delhi

Bharat Mandapam

The forthcoming G20 Summit, slated for this weekend in the heart of the national capital, is generating considerable global excitement as it brings together an impressive assembly of world leaders, among them the likes of US President Joe Biden and UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. This prestigious gathering will convene at the International Exhibition-cum-Convention Centre (IECC) complex, more widely recognized as Bharat Mandapam, situated within the Pragati Maidan district of New Delhi. 

Bharat Mandapam

Source: Hindustan Times

A recent addition to the city’s infrastructure, this architectural marvel was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 26 earlier this year. This avant-garde complex encompasses a range of cutting-edge facilities, including a state-of-the-art convention center, expansive exhibition halls, and a grand amphitheatre, all poised to serve as the epicenter of discussions and diplomacy during this significant international event.

Bharat Mandapam

Source: India TV

Amidst the bustling proceedings of the G20 Summit, Bharat Mandapam, affectionately dubbed the “culture corridor,” will serve as a captivating window into the diverse heritage of not only India but also the esteemed invitees to this prestigious gathering, totaling 29 countries. This enchanting showcase will encompass both physical and virtual exhibitions, offering visitors an immersive and enlightening experience that transcends geographical boundaries.

A notable highlight occurred earlier this week when a magnificent 27-ft-tall bronze statue of Nataraja, crafted from Ashtadhatu and weighing a staggering 18 tons, was unveiled within the hallowed confines of Bharat Mandapam. The creation of this awe-inspiring sculpture was attributed to the renowned sculptor Radhakrishnan Sthapaty and his dedicated team hailing from Swami Malai in Tamil Nadu, who accomplished this remarkable feat in a mere seven months.

Bharat Mandapam

Source: Mint

Encompassing a sprawling campus spanning approximately 123 acres, Bharat Mandapam has emerged as a distinguished emblem of India’s commitment to facilitating world-class MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) destinations. In terms of its expansive covered event space, this complex claims its place among the elite ranks of the world’s foremost exhibition and convention complexes, solidifying its status as a premier venue for global gatherings of significance.

Built as a big project for India with an investment of about ₹2,700 crores, Bharat Mandapam has a special mission. It’s here to show the world that India is a top place for global business. This special place can hold really big events like global exhibitions, trade fairs, important meetings, and more. Bharat Mandapam comes with lots of useful things like meeting rooms, lounges, big rooms for gatherings, an outdoor theater, and a place to do business properly. This makes it great for hosting all sorts of important events.

Bharat Mandapam

Source: Hindustan Times

The facility’s remarkable multi-purpose hall and plenary hall, with a combined capacity to host up to seven thousand attendees, outshine even the renowned Sydney Opera House in Australia in terms of seating capacity. Additionally, the magnificent Amphitheater, with seating available for 3,000 individuals, further enhances the venue’s versatility and grandeur. This impressive range of seating options underscores the venue’s capability to cater to a diverse array of events, making it a truly exceptional and accommodating space for gatherings of all sizes.

Bharat Mandapam

Source: The New Indian Express

 Significance of ‘Bharat Mandapam’

According to what the government said, Bharat Mandapam takes its ideas from something called “Lord Basaveshwara’s concept of Anubhav Mandapam.” It was a place where people could do important things together. This big area will be open to everyone, and it will have everything needed to help the country become modern and developed. It’s all about making our country better and more advanced for everyone.

Bharat Mandapam

Source: India Today

The Artistry Behind Bharat Mandapam’s Design

Bharat Mandapam’s architectural design draws from India’s rich traditions, showcasing the nation’s heritage alongside modern amenities. The building’s shape mirrors the elegant conch shell, and its walls intricately depict facets of traditional Indian art and culture, such as ‘Surya Shakti’ for solar energy, ‘Zero to ISRO’ for space achievements, and ‘Pancha Mahabhuta’ representing fundamental elements like Sky, Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and more. Additionally, the Convention Centre features an array of paintings and tribal art from diverse regions across the country, adding to its cultural richness.

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