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A.I. Generated Images Of Couples From Different States Of India Disturbs The Viewers! Here’s What You Need To Know About It…

AI Generated Couples

A.I. is the future, but this future also contains visuals not everyone will be happy with. One would argue that it’s still growing and there is nothing to worry about but the audience seems to be divided with some finding the visuals funny and some didn’t enjoy the disturbing visuals being circulated.

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The AI-generated images are making rounds in the town and it looks like stereotypical threads are something people seem to be enjoying translating to a new low of people on the internet.

A Delhi-based artist, Madhav Kohli, has come up with a unique experiment wherein he has generated images of stereotypical men and women from all the states of India with the help of artificial intelligence.

While these stereotypical AI images of Indian men and women going viral and today it’s upgraded to wedding couples from a different creator. Have a look:

If you follow the entire thread, it gets you into the dilemma of either finding it disturbing or busting out of laughter. Netizens who didn’t seem to enjoy this thread reacted on Twitter

Though not all images seemed to be inaccurate, most of them had inaccuracies like extra fingers. Apart from this, in one photo, the groom had eight fingers in one hand. And is some of the fingers were not present. The threads are being liked by many but also received a huge backlash in the comment section.

If you had a tough time dealing with the above visuals, you are not alone here. As you go through the entire thread you realize that AI is not ready yet. In recent years, AI has come a long way and we can generate all kinds of images without putting a lot of effort into it. But if this is the outcome, it needs to rework.



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