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Woman Harassed With Nude Pictures By Cab Driver For Canceling The Ride; Bengaluru

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In a recent turn of incidents, a 32-year-old woman in Bengaluru was harassed by an auto-rickshaw driver after she canceled the ride, she claimed that the driver sent her lewd and vulgar messages along with nude pictures of a male. She filed a complaint to the Electronic City police after the incident occurred and said that she had booked a cab from her daughter’s school to her house through a cab service platform. She also raised the issue of how the cab driver got hold of her number when she already canceled the ride. 


source: AsiaNet Newsable

She is a mother of a six-year-old and a 6-month-old baby. She stated that she decided to get a cab as her daughter was not willing to walk in the hot sun she looked for an auto-rickshaw but since none were available she booked a taxi through an aggregator platform. But soon after booking the cab, her baby started crying so she decided to get in an autorickshaw that just came in and paid an amount of 60 rupees for canceling the ride. “I booked the cab as my daughter was not ready to walk. Three minutes after booking it, my baby started crying. On noticing an auto, I canceled the cab for which I was charged Rs 60,” stated the mother.


source: Times of India

The problems started soon after she canceled the ride, as the taxi driver kept calling her and demanding that she take the taxi ride. She stated that she apologized for canceling but he asked her to check her WhatsApp, where he sent her very disturbing messages and naked pictures of a man. Horrified, she started crying and was seen by the neighbors who threatened him saying that they had screenshots of all the messages he sent her. This prompted him to delete all the messages he had sent. The mother of two stated “I was crying by then. My neighbors took my phone and scolded the driver. He immediately deleted the messages and disconnected the call after my neighbors warned him that they had screenshots of all the messages.” 

The woman filed a complaint and submitted a screenshot of a picture sent by the driver that she captured. A case has been registered under IPC section 354A for sexual harassment and the IT Act, the cops requested details of the driver from the aggregator and will be looking into finding the driver.


Bengaluru: Woman And Her Son Violently Attacked By Uber Driver For Getting Into The Wrong Cab

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