Why Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars?!

Oscars 2022 will be soon be remembered as the one where Will Smith slapped Chris Rock hard in the face. Mr Smith had gotten on the stage after Mr Rock joked about Mr Smith’s wife during the Oscars. Mr Smith’s act left viewers stunned and many of them asked if it was genuine or scripted.

Mr Rock was presenting the best documentary prize with a short comedy routine. He compared Jada Smith’s tightly cropped hair to Demi Moore’s appearance in the film G.I. Jane during his skit. Mr Rock even asked her to appear in the sequel.

Warning: Profanity and violence ahead

Will Smith appeared to be laughing at the joke, while his wife sat there looking uneasy. However, soon Mr Smith got up from his chair and walked up to Mr Rock and slapped, before returning to his seat alongside his wife.

After he sat, he could be heard shouting profanities at Mr Rock. Mr Smith’s yelling forced producers to censor out several seconds of audio from the televised broadcast in the US.

Jada Smith is also a fellow actress who publicly revealed in 2018 that she suffered from alopecia. According to a reporter, Mrs Smith was ‘tearful’ and had to be comforted by Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry during a commercial break.

Twitter was quick to react to the incident



Team News Hamster made a meme for this incident



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References: NDTV

Featured image source: Marca

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