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Why Was Prof. Nitasha Kaul Denied Entry To Bengaluru Conference?

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Professor Nitasha Kaul, a prominent academic invited by the Karnataka government to speak at a conference on ‘Constitution and Democracy’ in Bengaluru, faced a denial of entry upon landing at the airport. Despite holding a valid UK passport, an official invitation from the state government, and proper travel documents, Prof Kaul was deported back to London. 

Full Story: 

Prof Kaul, a Kashmiri Pandit born in Gorakhpur, expressed her dismay in a detailed post, shedding light on the distressing ordeal she endured. Upon arrival on February 23, she was informed by immigration officials that they could not permit her entry due to orders from Delhi. Despite having her travel arrangements and logistics organized by Karnataka, she was provided with no notice or information beforehand about the denial of entry.

The professor expressed her experience, stating, “I spent 12 hours on a flight from London to Bangalore, several hours at immigration where they shuttled me here & there but provided no information on the process. I was then kept for the next 24 hours in a holding cell (no BA flight back until next day) under CCTV surveillance, restricted movement and a narrow area to lie down.”

UK professor Nitasha Kaul invited by Karnataka govt denied entry to india  deported to London from Bangalore airport | भारतीय मूल की प्रोफेसर का दावा-  कर्नाटक सरकार ने लेक्चर के लिए दिया

Source: ABP News

Prof Kaul, known for her criticism of the RSS, a far-right Hindu nationalist paramilitary, was informally informed by officials that her past views may have played a role in the decision. Despite having visited India multiple times and receiving an invitation from a state government, the central government refused her entry without providing any specific reasons.

The academic questioned the actions of the Indian government, asking, “How can the world’s largest democracy be threatened by my pen or by words? How is it okay for the Indian government to not allow a professor to be at a conference on the Constitution where she was invited by a state government? How is it okay for them to give no reason? It is not the India we cherish, is it?”

NRI professor denied permission to attend conference in Bengaluru, deported

Source: National Herald

Prof Kaul clarified that she is not anti-India but anti-authoritarian and pro-democracy. She highlighted the persistent threats she has faced from Hindutva trolls, recounting instances of intimidation directed at her elderly mother’s home.

She also revealed that, “Hindutva trolls have for years threatened me with death, rape, ban etc. In the past, authorities have sent police to my elderly ailing mother’s home to intimidate.” Despite such challenges, she remains resolute in her stance against violence and hate.

Prof Kaul, who has previously served as an expert witness at the US Congress, expressed concern about her personal safety, stating, “If I come to any accident, it probably merits a closer look.” 

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